Monday, December 25, 2017

What's on your mind Christmas 2017

As our broken and disgraced Congress rushes home for the holidays, pushing past journalists to "get out of Dodge" with hopes it will all go away and no one noticed how disgustingly horrible they've been, or the time bomb they just lit the fuse to in the form of tax relief for the rich paid for by the poor, middle class, and debt they piled on our great grand children's children. We notice, and it won't all just go away. We face a crisis of nation in which our very democracy is in peril and the answer is staring us right in the face. But only if the right question is asked.

If substantial and corroborated evidence exists proving a foreign government covertly influenced and/or manipulated the outcome of our elections, shouldn't the elections, for all intents and purposes, be declared null and void, regardless of the outcome? If the answer is yes, the question then becomes by whom and by what mechanism is this to be accomplished? The FBI? The DOJ? NSA? Congress? The Constitution has no remedy to declare elections null and void. It is for this reason that the extra-constitutional remedy we come up with, must be included in an amendment to the Constitution.

Impeachment is the constitutional remedy to remove an individual or individual from office for cause. What we require however, is for the entire election and process to be declared null and void. Additionally, we require a halting and reversal of anything done by the new administration to include, by not limited to: Executive Orders, Cabinet appointments, judicial nominees and seating, and any laws or acts enacted by Congress signed by the administration in question. And, any personnel changes to made to any government office or agency. Additionally, any federal laws enacted, or state laws enacted to comply with federal law subsequent to the election must be struck.

This is a crisis of nation and of such perilous magnitude that it rivals our war of independence from Great Britain. However instead of starting over, it will be a reset to default, which no longer exists. Do we recall to duty the entire last administration and line of succession?  The honor, integrity, and the sovereignty of our government and democratic system of election is at stake. People, this is not a "but...but..." moment here! What I'm talking about on Christmas Day 2017 is not a war in some foreign land. I'm talking about subversion right here in America and it's been going on right in front of our noses. The lack of normalcy and attempts to rationalize the irrational by the government and main stream media has clouded minds and diluted the words and thoughts of the people. How sad is that? Don't blink, your country may not be here if you do....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone...

Thursday, December 21, 2017

malis politicus ad infinitum

Democrats get elected, blame mess on Republicans, raise taxes to fix the mess. After years of blocking everything Democrat, Republicans get elected, blame high taxes and mess on Democrats, proceed to cut taxes and mess things up until...

Democrats get elected, blame mess on Republicans, raise taxes to fix the mess. After years of blocking everything Democrat, Republicans get elected, blame high taxes and mess on Democrats, proceed to cut taxes and mess things up until...

Democrats get elected, blame mess on Republicans, raise taxes to fix the mess. After years of blocking everything Democrat, Republicans get elected, blame high taxes and mess on Democrats, proceed to cut taxes and mess things up until...

Democrats get elected, blame mess on Republicans, raise taxes to fix the mess. After years of blocking everything Democrat, Republicans get elected, blame high taxes and mess on Democrats, proceed to cut taxes and mess things up until...

Democrats get elected, blame mess on Republicans, raise taxes to fix the mess. After years of blocking everything Democrat, Republicans get elected, blame high taxes and mess on Democrats, proceed to cut taxes and mess things up until...

Democrats get elected, blame mess on Republicans, raise taxes to fix the mess. After years of blocking everything Democrat, Republicans get elected, blame high taxes and mess on Democrats, proceed to cut taxes and mess things up until...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Can we all agree on just a few things?

OK now, please hear me out. Can we all agree that America has used a lot of petrol fuel since Ford put his first car on the road? Can we also agree that we've been paying taxes on that fuel and those taxes, were to go to maintenance and new construction of our roads, highways and bridges?

I say again, we've been paying taxes on gas and diesel fuel since Henry Ford drove his first car off the assembly line, and the tax money that was collected from the sale of fuel was supposed to go towards maintenance and new construction of roads, highways and bridges. If those things are true, why then is our infrastructure a crumbling and dangerously deficient, catastrophic event waiting to happen? Our government, our elected officials, have been misappropriating tax dollars for over a century with no real accountability. They are not now, nor have they been, doing the will of the people.

Then they have the nerve to bitch about deficits when the majority of the deficit originated from providing tax breaks to the wealthy. Meanwhile, government can't afford their obligation to make payments to Americans who've been paying into the system for decades and when they need it most, the government slash their payments to cover up the fact they can't stop their embezzlement to fund special interest projects supported by the lobbyists of their campaign donors.

To add insult to injury, they've also managed to embezzled TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars from the Social Security trust fund, a government created program in which people have been paying a portion of their salaries and wages into for decades. An embezzlement of the people's money, all to pay for more special interest pork and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, whose lobbyists have been so nice to them over the years. An accounting entry to divert income collected from taxes and other sources, to pay for things that would otherwise not get funded. Pure graft.

Don't you think it's time to put an end to this overstuffed, unaccountable, gluttonous pig of a government's appetite for self enrichment, ignoring constituents and spending other peoples money?

Raul Revere rode by screaming stuff last night...What was he screaming?...I don't know, I went back to sleep...

Deceit entangles the unwitting pawn with choices that appear inconsequential. They take from you in your best interests. But it's in their best interests not yours. They pollute minds with lies and distortion. A misinformation campaign of purposeful chaos and stress to get you going in too many directions in order to conceal the corruption of their kleptocracy. The greatest country on earth is on life support and our elected officials are playing golf, tweeting, molesting children and knowingly allowing the poor and middle class to suffer yet again from trickle down economic tax breaks to millionaires, that have never worked, and you still expect us to believe it's in our best interests?

I am loath to say we're at a tipping point, when truth will finally unite the common man into choosing between complicit blindness, or rebellion against the unjust and the long corrupted. When the last straw has been placed and the camel's back is broken, I say woe to the rulers, the elitists and "untouchables". The unmasked greed mongers who peddle death in the name of God and country. The elected who fill their coffers with lobby money, choosing wealth over morality, humanity and the best interests of the people who elected them. Woe to them, for the Second Coming and the Day of Reckoning won't amount to a pimple on a pedophile's ass when they finally storm the gates for them.
...just sayin'...

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When "facts of life" Contradict Morality.

When the "facts of life" contradict morality, the real questions that should be asked are; who's doing the teaching and what the hell are they teaching? No one is born immoral, it's an acquired trait. The resulting effect is an emotionally fractured society of the morally deviant, sexual misfits, and those who never quite out grew puberty.

We, as a are society, have allowed this conduct to proliferate for generations. From the "girls night out" and "locker room" conversations that either disgust or entertain, to actual unacceptable misconduct by commoner and celebrity alike, that apparently only now shocks our morality. The deviant escapades of the empowered maladjusted, seems to have been the best kept secret of generations. But silence continues to remain the best kept secret of the abused, the oppressed and the victimized. Each of us personally, mother, daughter, father, son, sister and brother, each of us must eventually decide whether we accept turpitude and hypocrisy to be the moral standards of the society we are all a part of.

Monday, November 13, 2017

...the folly of indifference to impropriety.

History not only tells us where we've been, it may also predict where we're going. The last time we as a country were this politically divided, where middle ground ceased to exist because the issues were polar opposites, there was a civil war. We would do well to learn the lessons history teaches because America can ill afford the consequences of ignoring our past or the folly of indifference to impropriety.

Friday, November 3, 2017

America hit the Trifecta; How our government was overthrown without a single shot being fired.

This is the party that's calling for unity. This is the party that wants everyone to forget how they they screwed the people they took money from and screwed democracy and the Constitution in the same breath. A political party lead by people of dubious integrity and intent. A trifecta of deceit and corruption. If the Dem primary elections were not rigged, there is more than a good chance we'd have an old guy with glasses and white hair as President being Presidential. Putting into place a tax funded health care system for all Americans, giving kids an honest to God chance of making something of themselves by at LEAST providing a tax funded college education. People, even friggen Russia, "the red scourge of America", has provided their people a college education and have been doing so since before Khrushchev. (consult your history books) The point is, we probably wouldn't have some orange haired cretin, pulling off the biggest con in the planet's history if our people were better educated, better prepared for life in America. Instead, what we have, is something tantamount to the overthrow of America without a single shot being fired.

If you take anything away from the 2016 election it should be this; Our country and democracy was overthrown. Both political parties, Congress and the media, were complicit in one way or another. It wasn't done with armies or tanks. It wasn't done with fighter jets or battleships. It was done with the most powerful weapons on earth; the media, targeted propaganda and banks. Election reform and critical legislation is sorely needed to close the loopholes in our system, but this above all is most important to remember; No amount of Internet censorship or election reform, or Cyber/Homeland Security, can protect us from our own gullibility.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into"

It is quite repugnant to lean from virtually every media outlet on the planet, that both the Republican and Democratic political parties, and possibly the most inner circles of our government, were infiltrated and/or aided, by agents of foreign governments or others acting on behalf of foreign governments. This in itself should be grounds to demand new elections be held and an independent special council called to thoroughly investigate the parties themselves and their operations. Impeachment of this President alone just won't cut it, the crisis is just that bad.

The entire administration and line of succession has been tainted. The repercussions of this devastating blow by foreign intelligence to cause chaos in an effort to topple and take control of the United States will be felt for decades because the reach of the operation was so thorough. The most deadliest weapon against America is a compromised government official or someone acting on their behalf and a bank, not a tank. The new battle field is cerebral and monetary. 

Our next steps will be crucial, and we'll need people with wisdom, honor and integrity if we are to prevail. Sadly, it's exactly the lack of those qualities that got us into this mess in the first place. For America and our democracy to survive, this really can't happen again and we must do all that is required to make sure it doesn't. Personally, I would start at the entire political vetting process. Political corruption begins at the source, the political parties and their members who run our government. From the looks of things, they can be found in any city or town in America at the intersection of obscene money, special interests and repugnance. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cars kill people, will you ban them too? - A cowards cop out.

OK...let's try this one on for size. I'm a legal gun owner. But when the discussion goes to; "hey cars kill people everyday. Are you going to ban them too"...I just have to roll my eyes and cringe at the stupidity. Guns are made for the specific purpose of maiming and killing. They were not made to be paper weights and they weren't made for target practice. Target practice was invented to become proficient in using a gun accurately So lets just get that out of the way.

There are nuts in this world. That's just a cold reality of life, but we can't all become stupid just because we have a Constitution and a 2nd amendment. We may not be able to stop all of them but we may be able to reduce the frequency of these types of horrific and deadly events. Common sense and critical thinking must override anyone's sense of a Constitutional right to own stock piles of guns, or silencers or armor piercing bullets. It's all getting a bit absurd. And, there is a reason the government doesn't allow people to have fully automatic machine guns unless they are federally licensed fire arms dealers or law enforcement. It's called public safety and the good of the people.

So to think making adjustments, conversions, or additions to guns to make them operate as if the were fully automatic is OK without a good reason (and it better be because our shores have been invaded and they're shooting)...Most sane people I think would agree it isn't OK...(and don't get to keep them just in case)...

There is no innate right of the public to possess armament such as silencers, bazookas, armor piercing bullets, automatic weapons, military or military style weapons and devices designed for the soul purpose of killing and maiming. Again, that's what weapons were made for and it's in the public's best interests to restrict and deny if necessary access and availability to the public domain.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In my best "Jimmy Dugan" voice...There's no silencers in hunting!

There are no silencers in hunting you cowards. If you want silent hunting, try using a bow! Someone actually elected the idiots that wrote this legislation. If not, some idiots at the NRA wrote it, and gave it to the idiots who were elected. Either way, it's deadly wrong. The idea that silencers are manufactured, marketed and sold as a product to "protect the hearing of users" is absurd on it's face. There are ear plugs and other ear protection devices on the market now for that. No device, marketed as "hearing protection" or otherwise, should be allowed to be sold to the public, in which the hearing protection or a lowering of the decibel level of a fired weapon is the result of the weapon's projectile passing through a device affixed in any manner or form to the end of a weapon.

 Armor piercing bullets? You people watch too many movies. I will admit, it might be fun to have target practice on a nazi or isis vehicle...but that's about as far as it goes...start a a tank...get a federal firearms license and rent it out as a shooting gallery. Provide armor piercing bullets for realism, AND be accountable for every one of them. Because if you can not account for a single projectile, you will lose your federal firearms licence, forfeit all assets, and go to jail for not less than 20 years for the first offense. Exactly why the hell does anyone need armor piercing bullets? Because they can? Sorry, armor piercing bullets do not belong in the public domain and should be restricted to military and in certain emergency circumstances to the police. The fact that we have a Constitution with a 2nd amendment doesn't mean we must all now become stupid.

PS, I am a registered gun owner who is not a member of the NRA and I stand with other responsible gun owners against any bill this stupid. There are no special interests and there is no amount of money that makes this bill sane. To even think about bringing such a bill forward shows enfeeblement of mind and an unfitness for the office to which they were elected.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Damaged Psyche of a Broken Nation

This tragic event in Las Vegas is deplorable and brings to the forefront of discussion the reality of America's broken psyche. Almost daily we hear of tragic events occurring around the country. Our jails are full but the echos of pure evil go unheard. No place in this nation is immune. We suffer natural disaster, murder, poverty and worse, a government that is ill equipped to address the root causes of our plight. Our vanishing humanity, our gullibility, our anger and distrust of others, reinforced daily by massive media bombardments of breaking news containing dubious information whose relevance and credibility are just as dubious.

Congress has certainly exacerbated the issue. Political divisiveness, our lack of a national, comprehensive health care system that includes a mental health component, gun control or lack thereof, the poor, the jobless, the sick, there is much blame to go around. Our republic is crumbling because the scales of humanity have tilted and evil's ability to overcome good is at it's mightiest. Our own shores have become those teaming with wretched refuse and our nation grieves between wallowing in our shame.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Corporate Tax Breaks - National Genocide

I simply can not believe we are going through this again. We've had trickle down economics since before Reagan, then we had eight years of unpaid tax breaks for the rich during Bush. They said corporations would use the tax breaks to create millions of jobs. Instead, few jobs were created, employee wages stagnated, operations were move offshore, they used their tax break win fall to pay corporate dividends and eventually, the entire economy crashed.

Bottom line? I will never again believe giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations creates jobs, helps the economy, or the middle class. This country needs tax reforms, but corporate tax breaks for the reasons above isn't reform, it's national genocide.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thought of the Day - Self Imposed Mediocracy

As long as we allow our political parties and our system of elections to put forth mediocre candidates, the outcome can only result in mediocrity. We deserve better and we cannot allow it to continue into our next elections. This goes for local, state, and federal elections as well. Mediocracy begins at the source. We can not again as a nation afford to choose unwisely and we can never again allow poor choices to be our only choices.

Friday, September 29, 2017

What happened? We happened.

It's devastating to learn that foreign governments and other unfriendly elements have exploited vulnerabilities in our election system. However, while we're out trying to solve the problem with hardware, software, and censorship, we're forgetting the most important and least protected vulnerability in our system, people.

Zbigniew Brzezinski (that was Mika's dad) had it right when he said and I'll paraphrase; "we've lost our ability to reason and to think critically". If there are two things to take away from the 2016 election they are; 1) There were no foreign agents in the booth with us when we voted, and 2) the government can't protect us from our own gullibility. 

Since the writing of this blogspot, the 12th person in the Presidential Line of Succession has resigned in disgrace and virtually the entire administration is under investigation by special prosecutors for the DOJ/FBI for the distinct possibility of collusion with a foreign government, whose purpose was to engage presidential candidates, campaign members, and various other Americans that possibly include members of Congress and other government agencies, in acts of subversion and treason against the United States by interfering in our election system. So without being too snarky I ask; Exactly how does a nation undo the damage done by it's own gullibility?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Roy Moore election and democracy in America

The idea that Roy Moore could actually be elected clearly illustrates the danger America faces. You can not wrap a platform of racism, religious fanaticism and alleged pedophilia in the flag of conservative Republican nationalism and call it democracy, or say that there's anything right about it for America. Call it what it is, immoral.

On compassion for the enfeebled

It's a strange word, but yes definitely. Humanity demands it. We only have one life. Eventually we're all going to be feeble. You think you have it hard now? Try being feeble while getting health care from predatory, insurance profit mongers.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Let's be very clear about our best next steps forward...

Lets be very clear in understanding when democrats say the immediate plan going forward is to shore up health insurance markets and "look" at lowering the medicare eligibility age to 55. The reality of this scenario becomes crystal clear but you have to look closely. If you lower the age of medicare eligibility to 55, it means you're basically leaving everyone under 55 in the same sinking insurance boat paying unaffordable health insurance premiums in collapsing markets. By moving those 55 and older from insurance to medicare, you reduce the insurance "risk pools", meaning the costs will no longer be spread over as many insured as there were before, thereby forcing premiums to go up to compensate.

We can not, for lack of a better term "half ass" medicare for all/single payer. Do not let them pull the wool over our eyes in an effort to kick it down the road for years. America can not wait because we can not afford to wait. Medicare for all/single payer can only work if everyone is in. One pool of people, not 50 different states with multiple pools. It's ridiculous to think 50 disparate health care systems will work better and more affordable than one, or that the same cost savings through economies of scale by a single system, can be achieved by 50 different and substantially smaller systems. Again, medicare for all/single payer can work and it can work now. It doesn't take 5 years and then maybe. It can be achieved now by a single pool of people, old, young, sick and healthy, all in. It's really the only viable solution if we are to rid ourselves of the 800 pound insurance gorilla in the room

Monday, September 25, 2017

If it makes you feel any better...

Well, if it makes anyone feel any better, I don't think anyone is worth being paid several million dollars a year to play a friggen game. (sorry Emmit Smith, you were the man, but just sayin')...I mean it's not like they find cures for cancer...but I digress...Who do you think the rest of the world despises more; the protesters or the perpetrators of injustice?

Some people want to focus attention on a symbol, on a piece of cloth. Protesters want to focus on and bring attention to injustice. In this case, racial injustice and cops shooting innocent, unarmed people. I do not believe the recent protests had anything to do with flags, the military, the anthem, veterans, god, mother, or apple pie. It's like that commercial, "if you don't get it, you don't get it". Flags were created to be symbols. Symbols to rally around. They were created for people to readily recognize and take notice. We hang our flag upside down as the official, international symbol of distress. We use our flag to rally patriots to elections and soldiers to their deaths. We can surely use it to rally protests against injustices suffered by Americans. I'm positive our flag has been used for worse, i.e, parading it down main street next to swastikas in "peaceful" neo-nazi rallies.

The president is an imbecile. He takes pride in tweeting his perfunctory brand of fascism. America can not and must not be so gullible. Ask any Veteran. The cost of freedom isn't the flag and wrapping oneself in it doesn't make one a patriot. There's a well known quote about that somewhere....and finally...We're all Americans. People have a constitutional right to protest and a constitutional right to disagree with how we do it.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dueling Politics - Clinton/Sanders Books and the Constitution

What all this tells me is that it was a mistake for Sanders to toss that "I" at the end of his name, replace it with a "D", and expect to be treated fairly by those that didn't consider him a "D", but wanted and needed his political following. It was especially deleterious to progressives, who were OK with the alphabet swap, only to have their hopes shattered by their candidate dropping out at the last minute and campaigning for the person who was by all progressives' account, THE reason Sanders was running in the first place. It became clear from the beginning that she wasn't for what Bernie was for. She pretty much had the "take it easy, I'm going to make this all right, please keep sending your dollars" attitude of the status quo. She constantly lamented "the country isn't ready' for this or that yet. The country needed her to be president and they didn't need or want that much change to happen quickly. The country didn't agree and look what happened.

It also tells me that if this chain of 2 party, status quo, plutocracy isn't broken by a strong 3rd or 4th political entity and soon, the United States is doomed to perpetual mediocrity and less than expected "incremental progress" both parties insist is what it takes for change to occur. Some things can no longer be waited for. America has waited too long for change that is not coming. It almost happened in 2016, but corrupt politics and the yearn for money and power overcame the campaign slogans. Couple that with lapse or absent enforcement and oversight, hacking, alleged collusion with foreign governments, add corruption within the political parties, and America is in real trouble. Maybe more so now than ever. The flaw seems to be in the language of the Constitution and is the key to ridding America of corrupt politics and government. The sad part is those benefiting from the corruption have no interest, and are under no obligation to change the Constitution if it negatively affects them. Notwithstanding, they are the only one's authorized by the Constitution to do so. It's perpetual corruption under the guise of constitutionality. OK all you constitutional scholars out there...have at it.

Assume The Position

I want someone in authority to tell me how jacking up the price of gas around the country in times of disaster benefits anyone but the suppliers of gas? I especially want an explanation of why this is happening to those who must buy gas to escape with their lives?

I also want you to explain to me how this is NOT price gouging? Any answer that uses "the markets" as an excuse isn't acceptable. The markets are not a defense for price gouging so I don't want to hear it.

What is it with you government people who are responsible to make sure these things just don't happen in America? We need to get rid of those who refuse to grasp reality of the pure greed that is occurring and those who would attempt to defend the indefensible of putting capitalism over humanity in times of crisis.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

congress - noun


[noun kong-gris; verb kuh n-gres, kuh ng-]

1. the national legislative body of the U.S., consisting of the Senate, or upper house, and the House of Representatives, or lower house, as a continuous institution.
2. worthless cocksuckers who should all be dragged to Gitmo.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We lost everything...Did you have flood insurance?...uhhhh

They allow you to live in flood zones for the money and lives everyone loses. Ultimately, a bank is involved somewhere. You can make cars, washing machines, or widgets, but you can't make land. The Army Corps of Engineers should update their 20 something year old flood maps. It is a matter of national security. Clay and concrete don't make for a good watershed and a lot has happened in the past 20 or 30 years. If you live in these flood zones, you need to understand that you either have to get flood insurance to do so, or suffer losing everything with no one but family to bail you out. If you live near your family, that itself may be tough to do considering what this is about. Business' especially should take this precaution.

Look, I'm not one for telling people they must buy any insurance, especially since I'm for Single Payer health care. But, all insurance isn't bad. It's risk management. I just don't think health care should be considered a risk nor run by anyone who think's it is.

The catastrophes endured in our ocean facing states is terrible and unimaginable. The first concern is savings lives. I don't think it's time for building an ark, but I also don't think people should remain stupid, especially after witnessing the possibility become terrible reality. I believe any structures built on property in a flood zone should be mandated to have and maintain flood insurance. The government can not continue to replace housing and personal belongings all because people don't have flood insurance. They can send you boats and helicopters to save your life. They can provide temporary food, water, and shelter, but they can not take over as the bearer of loss of personal property simply because you risked living in a flood zone without flood insurance. I know that may sound cold to some and probably too soon but, it will be something many will be facing in the very near future. Right now, all the government can do is to continue rescue efforts and provide basic survival necessities to victims. They should also create and convince all Americans to buy Emergency savings bonds to provide funding relief for natural or man made disasters such as those we're going through. Oh, and pipe down with all the saber rattling. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Hate You Bastards Because You Voted No For Emergency Funding...

I believe it should be illegal for Congress to create legislation that is not singular in intent. I believe Federal Catastrophic Emergency Funds to help Americans survive and recover from catastrophic events, should never include extraneous, non germane language not central to the original purpose of the legislation.

The horrendous ridicule of Congress is warranted. They bring it on themselves. There is no ethical or moral compass in how they ultimately operate. It's just a matter of who scratches who's back and when. It's right up there with criminal and perhaps subversive. Be it flood, hurricane, or other natural or man made disaster, it doesn't matter, that's how they are allowed to operate.

That being said, no Member of Congress should be made to vote on an emergency funding bill in which the immediate survival of American lives hang in the balance, which includes funding for non germane items. As an example, it means no funding for fisheries in Alaska when the original intent of the vote was to provide emergency funding to help victims of hurricane Sandy. Yes, apparently that actually happened.

It is unacceptable that Congress is allowed to operate in such a manner and is a main reason not much of anything meaningful is ever accomplished. Just as no member of Congress should be made to vote on such legislation, no member may create such legislation period. This should be a legislative standard for both the House and Senate. and a Constitutional amendment if required. Fix Congress!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Federal Emergency Funding for Catastrophic Crisis'

Dear America,
Every member of Congress who votes no, on Federal emergency funding for catastrophic emergencies in any state, should be dragged from office for dereliction of duty and being a traitor to their country. This is the United States. it's not their personal fiefdom. Members of Congress are supposed to do what is right and good for Americans, especially in times of emergencies and crisis'. The anti-America miscreants who vote no should not be voted out of office, they should be dragged out.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Racism, Hatred, and Humanity

Racism, hatred and humanity are all learned traits. We are not born with them, we are taught. What does that tell you about America?
1. Our education system sucks
2. Our Constitution is just one big loop hole ready to happen
3. Our government is compromised
4. All of the above

Thursday, August 24, 2017

All it takes is guts and the will of what humanity is left in America.

We have a Constitution, that doesn't give us license to be stupid. Americans, French, British, and the Soviets held Military Tribunals in Germany. Nazi's were executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and their part in the proliferation of the Nazi ideology of white, Aryan race supremacy. Therefore, it is my opinion that those who espouse and proliferate Nazi ideology are by default criminals. It doesn't take a Constitutional amendment to ban all Nazis, and the proliferation of Nazi ideology in America. All it takes is guts and the will of what humanity is left in America.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hey Trump...You listening? No Place For nazis In America

This is not about instigators or agitators. This is about nazis. And no, I won't be capitalizing it anywhere here. Americans died fighting nazis in Europe, no American should die on their own soil at the hands of nazis and race supremacists. Race supremacy, yeah, funny how the nazis thought they were the "chosen ones", the master race and all others are subhuman. Humanity has seen what their kind are capable of. End of story. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave and there is no place in America for nazis or white supremacists.

American cities have histories riddled with rioting, injury and death every time these bastards march in the streets. They have no voice in America. We can not give them a voice. We kicked their asses and their ideology in WWII, and we can't have that crap here in America now or ever. Who the hell is running this place? This isn't a Constitutional issue, this is a criminal issue. ALL nazis are criminals by default. You just can't be any more un-american than that. Look, you can be a German in America all day long, but you can't be a nazi in America ever! I'd say throw them all in Gitmo, but there is no reason to subsidize their existence. Humanity has already paid a terrible price for their existence once.

Hey Trump...You listening? No place for nazis in America.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hitler or the Confederacy?

OK Hitler, or the Confederacy? Granted, Generals Lee and Jackson didn't send millions of Jews to the gas chambers, but they fought a bloody and deadly war in favor of an idea that one man could own another. Sadly, so many years after the civil war, race animosity in America has not subsided. It's a local issue, it's your next door neighbor, it's America.

In Germany they put a stop to that sh*t right then and there. The war was won. The judges listened to the Nazis defend themselves, then executed them. Because there are some things humanity will not tolerate nor should it. Estimates of over 80 million people died defeating the Nazi ideology of race supremacy, xenophobic hate and bigotry and unmentionable brutalities, so that it would never be tolerated anyplace in the world again.

The recent Charllotesville events are that Nazi ideology using the mask of Confederate "history and pride" to incite and create an environment condusive to their agenda. A resurgence of hate and race supremacy in America. Like they think they're going to show up in a city flying Nazi flags, carrying guns, and spewing hate, and someone's not going to get hurt? The authorities were imbeciles for issuing the permits in the first place. Statistical data should have been enough for them to know that it's was a bad idea and too big of a risk to public safety to allow it to happen.

None the less, what happened was purposeful and premeditated incitement. It's not a freedom of speech issue over hate speech. Even hate speech has been Constitutionally defended. However, pernicious speech that incites violence and results in murder, that's not a Constitutional issue, that's a criminal issue and has nothing to do with the Constitution or protected speech. Nazis "demonstrators" and white supremacists caused the murder of a young woman in Charllotesville and should be held criminally responsible.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What to do...What to do...I'm so confused....

As the question of Confederate monuments seems to be America's dysfunction d' jour, and may lead to armed insurrection, here's a novel idea. Stop the engagement of any high dollar contracted piece of military apparatus before it's manufactured. Better make it one that's around $500 million dollars. That's a chair on a jet right? Then, deploy units of the Army Corps of Engineers to remove, transfer, and place any and all Confederate monuments (that weren't in cemeteries) in a designated and secure area, until transfer to it's final resting place. What's good for America is good for government. So monuments on or near government grounds on Capitol Hill and statehouse grounds in every state have to go, all of them. Oh and one more thing. Let's not forget William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union General, and the one we named a tank after. He was one of the most brutal generals of the entire northern army, more so in times of war.

Then take what's left over and start a Congressionally funded construction of the National Confederate Museum. We have a museum that enshrines the holocaust so that those that perished, and the barbaric degenerate's that ordered the horror in which they perished, will never be forgotten. We might as well have one that commemorates the horrors of our nation's civil war between the north and south. A war in which families and brothers fought against each other. A war fought to destroy the idea that any man may own another.

OK, seriously, our country's going down the tubes. We have a president that's a spit away from impeachment and you're killing each other over statues of dead people? Exactly who the f*** do you think we are?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pernicious Incitement Is Not a Protected Freedom

We as Americans enjoy freedom of speech and other civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. But, nothing about Charlottesville was civil. Nor was it protected free speech. This was not peaceable assembly, nor a redress grievances by the aggrieved. This was pernicious incitement, by fanatics and anarchists attempting to operate under the guise of a protected freedom. We can not allow replays of incidents like Germany's "Kristallnacht" anyplace in America. Humanity is witness to how that turned out. Do not let anyone twist the truth. Hate is hate, no matter what words are used to describe it.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are We As A Nation Worthy Of Humanity's Redemption?

We are deeply damaged as a nation. Honor, integrity, wisdom, and your word being your bond, bygone days before the defilement of politics and it's effects on our society. The smell is as bad as the disdain, and yet there are those who still think this will fix itself.

These are the times of crisis faced by our nation, which demanded Constitutional Conventions and amendments. Times when the Constitution was amended to provide a just and honorable remedy to a crisis of Nation. Such a crisis requires enduring wisdom and forethought, based in reason and critical thinking, to craft such amendments to ensure the reasons and events for which they were created in the first place, can never again come upon this nation.

But the long term damage and corruption is deep. There are precious few in Congress who will step up or down, unselfishly for the nation, without wanting something in return, even though it is their job. After all, why stop the buck when it goes into their own pockets? We must all ask ourselves; has the flame of democracy, and the honor and integrity of this nation been extinguished? Have we become the sum of all that we despise and fear?

Our next steps in the coming days will determine if honor, integrity, and wisdom still exist in this nation, or if we've become a fallacious political abomination, devoid of humanity, and compelled by power, greed, privilege and ubiquitous corruption. And finally, we must ask ourselves, are we as a nation worthy of humanity's redemption? We can ill afford to get this one wrong.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dear MSM,

Dear MSM,
We already know Trump's a rich imbecile who tweets. It's not breaking news. In fact, it's bullshit. Try multi-tasking, only this time try spending 85% of your time not on Trump. Speculation is not breaking news. It's not even regular news. Every day cable and broadcast TV, radio, and the Internet is filled with one continuous Trump-a-thon. It's misdirection and minutia overload to obfuscate what's really going on in this country. The rich are screwing the poor, the poor die in war, they die from lack of health care, they die because their skin color isn't the same as the racist's, they die because of a lack of education, opportunity, and a means to support themselves, the entire government is in the crapper, our Constitution is being exploited by special interest carpet baggers and pirates, until it's become one big loophole just ready to happen. Almost everyone and their mother around the world wants to hurt us, or worse, kill us, and you parade this inept, unworthy, and most likely criminal clown, and miscreant administration in front of us daily to distract while it's happening. But hey, MSM, keep selling that commercial air time and spewing propaganda and unchallenged ignorance. There still may be some who are not thoroughly brainwashed out there to get. Focus America. If you don't someone else will and you will lose your country.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

America's Civil War Continues

America's civil war continues.No lessons have been learned. No justice has been done and the people remain in peril caused by, or not prevented by, our own government. Wars, health care, taxes, jobs, civil rights, violence and the death of innocents in our streets. We've had the same grievances for the better part of 50 years, and for those same years our elected government has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye, choosing instead politics and self enrichment over the well being of the people every time. The charlatans and carpetbaggers who have managed to get themselves and keep themselves elected maintain change takes time. It's been their daily excuse for 50 years to conceal their theft of service to the American people. This same civil war and this aversion to changes we desperately need as a nation has been going on for far too long. If our government and the people of our nation can not reconcile these grievances soon, we will become a casualty of our own doing.

For Love of Country

"Let they be the patriots, who honor country and flag over those who would pervert them for misdeed and wealth. Let they be the patriots, who defend honor, integrity, and justice for all. Let they be the patriots, whose ethics, word and humanity, can not be compromised. Let they be the patriots, that lead this country America."

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Power acquired is seldom relinquished, especially if accompanied by self enrichment.

The unmitigated damage America has suffered as a result of the 2016 election both at home and abroad, should be a wake up call. It's time to amend the Constitution. There's just one problem. The miscreants we've elected to represent the best interests of the people are under no obligation under the Constitution to do so because the result would be a decided shift in power from government to the people. Power acquired is seldom relinquished, especially when with power, comes self enrichment.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

About McCain's Social Media Tragedy

It's tragic that John McCain has taken ill and now looks like he's taken a turn for the worse. While I don't know him personally, we held much different stances on issues, a lot of them, and I've said some pretty nasty stuff about him. Douche bag, Depends, imbecile, I went there. I looked at it like, we're Veterans, we can take it. But the crap I've been reading lately on social media, actually relishing in the fact he's got brain cancer, that right there crosses the fucking line! And I don't give a rats ass what you call yourselves politically.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

There is a malignancy in America that's killing us, but the cure is purposely being ignored.

America has struggled over how to ensure affordable health care for decades, long before President Obama. It's not like this is all Obama's fault. At least he tried to do something. And, it's not like he wasn't obstructed up the ying ying at every turn. The point is, the ACA was only a band-aid on the hemorrhaging state of health care in America. It was incapable of being more because of its poor design elements. Once Obama ripped the scab off of American health care, everyone should have known going forward that anything new would eventually have to be modified as required, if it was to accommodate the growing health care needs of the masses.

The ACA (ObamaCare) has been in an incubator in ICU fighting for it's life since it was signed into law on March 10, 2010 and the only doctor Republicans could find to save the patient (America) was Kavorkian? So much for pro life. What the ACA desperately needed was an expert emergency surgical team to come in and cut out the malignancy that's killing the patient. The for profit health insurance industry is that malignancy. Choosing the Kavorkian approach, the Republicans have chosen to save the life of the for profit insurance industry, allowing it to metastasize instead of letting that surgical team save the lives of the patients, the America people.

There are a plethora of problems with health care in America. Affordability, access, and the ability to find doctors who will take your insurance plan if you can find one you can actually afford are the biggest problems. That's mostly because of the way it was allowed to be set up and run. We chose to allow a profit driven industry to take command over the health, life, and death of people based on their marketing and risk management skills. The government can not continue to subsidize and endorse the for profit health insurance industry whose principle driver is profit over life. Imagine a "health" industry, whose risk mitigation strategy considers the delivery of health care a risk. Then imagine, that is how Americans are delivered health care. One doesn't have to imagine. That's how it's done here in America.

Health care is a right, it is not a risk, and it should not be run by for profit corporations whose bottom line come first and considers the delivery of health care a risk to mitigate. I would also add "physician heal thyself". They shoulder a lot of the blame for the state of health care in America. It started to go down hill when they traded their bedside manner and Hippocratic Oath for a tee off time. I do believe however, the disastrous effects of a profit driven health care industry are not irreversible. There's still time to save the lives of Americans but it has to be done now before more patients expire. The cure is Single Payer/Medicare for All/Universal Health Care (call it what you will). A national health care system for all Americans makes perfect sense and we've seen the other way doesn't work. If America doesn't make the transition to a Universal Health Care type system and doesn't make it soon, the next doctor they see may be named Kavorkian, I'm pretty sure we all know where that goes.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

H.R.676 Changes I'd like to see...This is just a start.

Changes I'd like to see made to H.R.676 (single payer)
These changes are not complete and only a start.

STRIKE:(a) "In General"

(b) Registration
STRIKE: "at a health care provider"
INSERT: on line or by mail

(d) Residency Criteria
STRIKE: "residency for" and "purposes"
INSERT: undocumented individuals

STRIKE (a) "In General"

(11) The full scope of dental services,

(13) Chiropractic services
STRIKE: not including electrical stimulation.

(14) Basic vision care and vision correction
STRIKE: (other than laser vision correction for cosmetic purposes).
Let's face it, getting rid of glasses will be construed as cosmetic purposes.


(b) Portability
STRIKE: qualified to provide the benefits.

(a) Requirement To Be Public Or Non-Profit.—


(b) Quality Standards.—

(1) IN GENERAL...receive global budgets or capitation payments as specified in section 202.


Universal Health Care/Single Payer - It's not politics, it's common sense.

If we seriously want to cut the budget then we must deescalate military conflicts, rewrite the tax code, then surround Capitol Hill, and lock up everyone for dereliction of sanity. Then start all over again from scratch. Notify SCOTUS and every member of Congress, that from 1 year after the current fiscal year they may remain on the bench or in office for eight years. Hey, cutting the budget requires some drastic changes. We spend more on a military budget than the entire world combined and we can't ensure Americans get the health care they need without paying an arm and a leg? It has to stop. We must transition our health care system to a single payer/medicare for all type system. It must be a national system that includes every state and territory of the United States. It is for the good of the county and has nothing to do with if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Green Party (oh by the way they already know), Berniecrat, Clintonite, Reaganite, Trumpster, or any other political persuasion. It's not politics it's just common sense. Instead of trying to figure out how to assist the for profit health insurance industry in extorting skyrocketing health insurance premiums from Americans, we should be figuring out how to just pay for the health care they need and forget about the middle man.

There's a lot to worry about in America right now. The current administration may fall quicker than Paris Hilton's panties, and the Republicans want to place 24 million people in peril of being without health care. Mostly because they want a tax break for the rich. The middle class is taking it from all sides. But people, we can chew gum and walk at the same time. Our path is clear. Affordable, universal health care for all Americans. Anytime, anyplace in America. All you'll need is a medicare type ID card. Show them your card and your taxes take care of the rest. You'll pay a bit more in taxes but much less than you'd be paying for your current insurance premiums and deductibles. Being a national medical plan, every state must participate or lose all federal funding. There's is no playing around here anymore. Additionally, states must require in writing, an acknowledgment and consent of all physicians seeking a licence to practice medicine in the United States, that they will participate and accept national health care patients. This includes dentists as well. If you want to practice medicine in America it's going to be a part of your license requirement. We all must make sacrifices if we are to finally have affordable health care and we're not going to get there with the for profit insurance industry at the helm.

It makes sense because everyone is in. There are no risk pools for this or that. It's one big pool. The combined buying power of every American is the only negotiating tool to lower costs. That is our power and we must use it. It's time to tell the gougers to lower their prices or find another profession. That $20 aspirin, that's going to be 20 cents now so get over it. Couldn't negotiate for lower drug pricing before? Well now they'll be negotiating against everyone in American. Let's see how that works out for them. Oh and those of you who don't want to pay for someone else's health care or procedure. Smile, they won't be paying for yours either. But you'll both be paying taxes and saving money. Stay focused America. The Republicans in this country may be taking away your health care and no one cares but you. That's not something I'm willing to let them do, you shouldn't either. Single Payer Now!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

ObamaCare is a failure...No, Republicans killed it.

I'd like to preface this by first saying that after decades of destroying bank accounts, defrauding government and tax payers, disregarding the well being of patients and the advice of physicians, I think America has had enough of the for profit health insurance industry's version of health care. They in business to make money from profit-over-life risk management where providing adequate health care is a risk to be mitigated. You can call it insurance, call it skyrocketing premiums, but don't call it health care.

Some say the Obama administration passed the most comprehensive health care legislation since Medicare and Medicaid. Some have quite a different story. For many, it boils down to their ability to see a doctor when they need to without going broke or bankrupt. I have personal knowledge on this issue.

ObamaCare was an attempt to slow the out of control costs of health care in America. Since insurance companies were calling the shots, President Obama's logical step was to engage them. In his pocket, if he could put it off, was a deal whereby every American would be required buy a health insurance policy if one wasn't provided by their employer. The biggest gift ever to the for profit health insurance industry. A deal they couldn't and wouldn't take because it would require minimum standards of health care for the masses. They couldn't take it because they couldn't do it profitably.

The Republicans saw this Affordable Care Act as an attempt of a government take over of health care. They totally missed that it was really the for profit health insurance industry that would be doing the taking over. That mattered not to Republicans and sadly some Democrats. The Republican's dislike for Obama and his path of cautious optimism became quite obvious when their mouthpiece blurted out over national television that the Republican party's sole purpose going forward, would be to make Obama a one term president. They then began to obstruct in any manner possible, any advancements and implementation of Obama's health care legislation in every state in America. The thing is, there was so much in it, according to Nancy Pelosi, that "we won't know what's in it until we pass it." Now that little literary creation has become the Republican's theme, as they attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare without killing anyone. By the way, the money they claim they will save will go to the rich as tax breaks.

ObamaCare relied on the expansion of the proven health care provisions of Medicare and Medicaid and expanded "health insurance markets". Insurance reneged. They couldn't create new or sustain existing markets, without losing profits because now they were actually required to provide a minimum standard of comprehensive health care. Something they should have already been doing. They are incapable of providing affordable, comprehensive health care, because it would put their profits at risk. Remember, the health insurance industry is really a risk management business.

So yes, in some places and in some instances ObamaCare has failed. Just ask states where Medicare and Medicaid were not expanded. Just ask the states where insurance companies failed to create new markets or sustain existing ones. It's could be seen by some as malfeasance, fraud and unfair business practices on the part of the insurance companies. Obama's legislation basically forced all uninsured Americans to buy private health insurance and health insurance still couldn't provide affordable, comprehensive health care. They want money for nothing. Sadly, there was plenty of wrong doing and blame to go around. Obama care was far from perfect, but it was better that what America had. It provided more Americans access to insurance, and got rid of pre-existing conditions. But, obstruction by Republicans and those receiving lobby money from the insurance industry allowed insurance companies to close their markets and purposely engage in supply and demand manipulation of health care access and services. As premiums continued to rise, profits continued to rise and more Americans were getting insurance because of ObamaCare. But for many, the costs became too prohibitive. And worse, they were fined if they failed to purchase a private health insurance policy.

Nothing really changed. insurance premiums that began skyrocketing long before Obama was in office continue. People are still not getting affordable health care and are still going broke trying or just not trying at all. Tragically, Obama's misguided solution to lower health care costs was to trust the for profit health insurance industry when they were largely responsible for rising costs in the first place. President Obama was more successful helping the less fortunate receive critically needed health care than any President since LBJ. Tragically, and for what ever his reason, he dismissed the other path to health care for the masses, single payer, as pie in the sky. Obama was convinced by his advisers, members of Congress and industry lobbyists that it couldn't be done. They were wrong and there are many countries around the world that can prove they are wrong.

Single payer/universal health care/Medicare for all, a national health care system, was a good idea. It was a great idea. It was the best idea for a national health care system and it could be done, but would require the critical step of removing the for profit health insurance industry from the mix. We could have affordable health care for every American in every state, and yet we are here because the for profit health insurance industry has convinced our elected officials that health care can not be done any other way and they believed them. Republicans are wrong too and they'll go so far as to threatened a vote that will deny health care to millions of Americans because of a campaign promise and tax breaks for the rich to prove it. It is unconscionable.

There were some good things about ObamaCare. No preexisting conditions, kids stayed on parent's policies and some expanded actual health care in the Medicare/Medicaid expanded states. But in their zeal to repeal and replace ObamaCare, a campaign promise of a disgraced political party, they either fail to see, or don't care, that it will place millions of Americans in peril.  Some may actually die and Congress, on both sides of the aisle, remain willfully blind to the only solution we have left. We can not allow health care in America to be created and provided to the masses under 50, disparate states ideas of what health care should be for the sake of state's rights. There is economy of scale which no single state can provide and that a national health care system can provide. It will take the strength of conviction and a common sense of right and wrong and a goodly portion humanity, to break the chains that bind health care to the profit-over-life drivers of the health insurance industry. Those drivers have no place in health care. They should never have control, or dictate the course of health care in America. The for profit health insurance industry and others like the pharmaceutical industry, are spending billions to ensure they remain in control and that our elected officials remain indifferent to facts, criticism and the plight of those needing actual health care.

Our Constitution guarantees Americans the right to life. That should include the health care required to sustain that life. Universal health care, Single Payer, Medicare for All, call it what you will, but it's the only solution we have left unless we want to keep getting killed by the for profit health insurance industry, their skyrocketing premiums, and their profit-over-life drivers that continue to be the scourge of health care in America.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Where the hell have they been?

I just witnessed on cable news a report that included a story about someone losing their security clearance for not paying a cell phone bill. What I want to know is who gave the order to yank that clearance and where the hell have they been for the last 3 or 4 years?

I'll have the Blue Plate Special

Fact: The 2 party system doesn't need us anymore. They have the electoral college. The DNC and GOP have evolved. Oh and by the way, thank you SCOTUS for allowing inanimate, lifeless objects a vote in democracy. The 2 party system now operates on big money from special interests and corporate "sponsorship's" on a global level. All kinds of money from everywhere. Congress gets their marching orders from those with the most money. Democracy by proxy, as a sea of strife and destitution swallows up the working class, the true backbone of America.
I guess the good news is that dollar in your hand, that's politics. That will buy you all the democracy you want. The bad news is, chances are if you're in the middle class, you can't afford it and it's pretty much all been bought up anyway. There's not much left to go around. We're too busy trying to spread it all around the world. America's Blue Plate Special is all out of democracy today, you'll have to settle for corrupt politics.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

None but the voter has the right

Political parties are not government. That's just the excuse they use. They are a private membership of people, who may or may not work for the government. If we're serious about fair elections, elections free of manipulation and fraud, elections whose candidates are worthy of the people's vote, and where the most worthiest wins, perhaps we shouldn't allow private political parties running them. Free and open elections are the basis of democracy. None but the voter, has the right to choose a candidate or influence the outcome of elections except by their vote.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Naked Truth About Health Care In America

With all this "fake news", did you ever stop to wonder if we might have fake government? How is it that the US can sell billions of dollars worth of weapons, then set aside 500+ Billion dollars of tax payers money for military defense, yet they can't ensure every American has affordable health care? Does the world hate us that much that we spend so much on war? If the answer is yes, then what the hell have we done and why the hell did we do it? It's getting a little ridiculous over here.

That wasn't really the worst part. Our government, particularly the Republicans, if successful, will pass legislation that will strip health care from millions of people. They are doing it for 2 reasons. The most heinous is a tax break for the richest. The growing lower middle class, filled with the older and failing middle class will benefit little if any. But Republicans are OK with that. They're making $174K per year of tax payer's money, it won't affect them. They don't even try to disguise it. People will get very sick, some may die if their benefits and guarantees are cut by this legislation. Yet they persist with this tax breaks for the rich stuff.

The second reason is that they've been paid very handsomely to become willfully deaf and blind to any health care solutions which do not include the for profit health insurance industry. They're OK with the idea of allowing them to determine who may live or die from illness or injury based upon the sick or a relative's ability to pay insurance premiums which have more to do with advertising than actual health care. This profit-over-life business model has no place in humanity. It is fundamentally draconian and will force millions into destitution as the for profit health care industry squeezes the last dollar out of Americans or lets them die. This is the Republican answer to health care in America. Sadly, it appears many Democrats feel the same way. They just got to have affordable health insurance. When it's affordable health care they really need.

The ACA has been in place for what now, about 7 years? The Republicans claim that insurance premiums are going up because of ObamaCare. That's depends on who's getting rich. My memory isn't that short. Insurance premiums have been sky rocketing for decades, then they took a page from the canned soup industry, packaging less but charging more.  This didn't happen because of the Obama administration. On the contrary, This has been going on LONG before him. He only sought a solution. And he probably would have had a much better success had the mouth peace for the Republican carpetbaggers not blurted out how they were bound and determined to make him a 1 term president. Then proceeded to direct Republicans all over America to obstruct and hinder in every way possible, the crucial steps to full implementation of the ACA on a state wide basis. In hind sight, the Republican's anti Obama obsessiveness appears psychotic. Don't get me wrong, the ACA is no piece of cake. It was rather poorly thought out, but It was better than what we had. We always seem to settle.

If you missed any of that, here's the kicker. The ACA was responsible for getting millions more Americans sucked into the web of for profit health insurance at the risk of actual health care. It cemented into the fabric of America's health care system, the for profit health insurance industry's profit-over-life business driver. We've got to break up that cement.

I'm all for letting insurance companies do what they do best. Insure cars and truck, boats and homes. You know, that kind of stuff. But this, this has got to stop. They've been bankrupting us for decades and have been responsible for a lot of death along the way. Non profit, Medicare for all, universal health care, single payer, what ever you want to call it, is really America's last hope. Both political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, are receiving lobby money or favor from the for-profit health care industry and they are standing in the way of affordable health care. What our government is doing to the health and well being of the American people, is not the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the Constitution had in mind.

When Eyes Deceive and Words Lie, There Is Complicity and Deception

Now that you've clicked the link...You can all go back to your local discussions about that uh oh moment when accordingly, we discovered we've all been victims of a psychological warfare attack, whose objective was to make eyes not see and words not match the truth. The test of democracy is in the eyes, words, and mind of the people. When eyes deceive and words lie, there is complicity and deception.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Emptiness in Closed Eyes...

Yeah...I'm that guy...I'm the agitator. The face book group Run Tulsi Run doesn't want to hear anything that rocks their milquetoast boat...I write, I only call people names when they call me names. Almost everything I've posted gets favorable likes..yet gets deleted because apparently, the purpose of the group is just rah, rah, rah, and not really interested in solving or discussing the REAL issues that plague America especially anything thought provoking or controversial, or an occasional opposing view...Thing is...I've got to wonder if the REAL Tulsi Gabbard is involved A...and B...would she approve of how they systematically delete posts which stir though and reason.rather than become blind followers and lemmings which is how I seem to remember the status quo Democrats acting. They don't want anyone posting anything if it's too thought provoking apparently. If the REAL Tulsi Gabbard actually has anything to do with this group or worse, condones the manner in which this stuff goes down....Perhaps I need a second look. Thing is, I've been pushing the idea of Tulsi Gabbard for president in 2020 since Nov. yeah...maybe I do need to take a second look. Granted, it is just a facebook page...and compared to protests and water cannons, it's a spit in the ocean...but just sayin...Hopefully the above is just a case of misconception...anyhow...

You can all go back to your local discussions about that uh oh moment when accordingly, we discover we've all been victims of a psychological warfare attack, whose objective was to make eyes not see and words not match the truth. The test of democracy is in the eyes, words, and mind of the people. When eyes deceive and words lie, there is complicity.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Let me tell you about trust...

Trust that we'll do the right thing after 241 years? Let me tell you about trust. I was betrayed by my party, my candidate, my president, my Congress, my government, and now my country... and the way things are going, it won't be long until I lose trust in the Constitution. The one that I donned a uniform for and took an oath to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic. So don't lecture me about trust or my country. I think I got this one.

Monday, July 3, 2017

It's America's Birthday...There's a lot of people not very happy...

It's the day before we commemorate our independence from Great Britain 241 years ago. Yet, the mood of the nation is one that calls out for impeachment, charges of treason, collusion, financial crimes, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. We have conservatives voting on tax breaks for the rich disguised as a health care bill, that will ensure millions lose their health care putting their very lives in peril. We have enough problems to go around.

However, if we are to evade the embarrassment of another impeachment and a triggering of the line of succession, our only hope is that the scope of Mueller's investigation is wide and encompasses a strategy of simultaneous, multi agency and multi jurisdictional operations.

It is this citizen's concern that in the case of the United States vs Donald Trump, President, the Constitutional line of succession may contain possible persons of interest in several ongoing investigations, or worse, defendants in Federal prosecutions. Let the fire works begin.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When Darkness Fades With Daylight

If Congress works for us, If we pay them very well, and give them the best health care plan available and a very good retirement for life plan, they should be doing what we pay them to do. The work required of We the People, and if they don't, we should be able to fire them. We shouldn't have to wait for elections to have them removed from office. They should be able to be pink slipped just like the rest of working America. It is a job that they spend billions to get, but we're the ones giving it to them and they work for us. It is my belief that the Constitution was purposely ambiguous about this matter and therefore left it to the interpretation of we the people. Again I must reiterate, they work for us, therefore we determine their fate by vote of confidence or otherwise. It is NOT in their power to ignore or override the will of the people. Oh, they think they can, but they can not by virtue of the Constitution.

Our government and Congress claim they operate with oversight, with checks and balances. We should be the check and balance for Congress and government. We elected them, we didn't make them gods. When was the last time government actually asked us what they should do before they do it? And I don't mean naming a post office. I mean what they should do about crime, government corruption, war, and most obvious, health care for all Americans? When they do ask us and we respond, they don't listen to us anyway. They believe they are untouchable when in actuality, they've become impervious to reason, common sense, and conscience.

What has become abundantly and painfully apparent, is they can not be left to their own designs nor to police themselves. Simply too much corruption and impropriety have been exposed to the point that we the people, our foreign allies and indeed the world, now see us as a disgrace to the ideal of America. Oversight of Congress can not be a circumstance in which the "foxes oversee the hen house". Americans are deeply concerned with the behavior and direction of our government. Many feel it's out of control and has become authoritarian by design. Some say it's broken beyond redemption, others, bordering on just plain lunacy.

Are We the People, prepared to make the hard choices, to do what is necessary to reclaim the helm of America? What ever actions that may entail, or circumstances we will face because of those actions, only history will tell. Now is the time for America to make history.
"When darkness fades with daylight, and the sheep are able to look upon the wolves, only then can they survive."
~ George Legeros