Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When Darkness Fades With Daylight

If Congress works for us, If we pay them very well, and give them the best health care plan available and a very good retirement for life plan, they should be doing what we pay them to do. The work required of We the People, and if they don't, we should be able to fire them. We shouldn't have to wait for elections to have them removed from office. They should be able to be pink slipped just like the rest of working America. It is a job that they spend billions to get, but we're the ones giving it to them and they work for us. It is my belief that the Constitution was purposely ambiguous about this matter and therefore left it to the interpretation of we the people. Again I must reiterate, they work for us, therefore we determine their fate by vote of confidence or otherwise. It is NOT in their power to ignore or override the will of the people. Oh, they think they can, but they can not by virtue of the Constitution.

Our government and Congress claim they operate with oversight, with checks and balances. We should be the check and balance for Congress and government. We elected them, we didn't make them gods. When was the last time government actually asked us what they should do before they do it? And I don't mean naming a post office. I mean what they should do about crime, government corruption, war, and most obvious, health care for all Americans? When they do ask us and we respond, they don't listen to us anyway. They believe they are untouchable when in actuality, they've become impervious to reason, common sense, and conscience.

What has become abundantly and painfully apparent, is they can not be left to their own designs nor to police themselves. Simply too much corruption and impropriety have been exposed to the point that we the people, our foreign allies and indeed the world, now see us as a disgrace to the ideal of America. Oversight of Congress can not be a circumstance in which the "foxes oversee the hen house". Americans are deeply concerned with the behavior and direction of our government. Many feel it's out of control and has become authoritarian by design. Some say it's broken beyond redemption, others, bordering on just plain lunacy.

Are We the People, prepared to make the hard choices, to do what is necessary to reclaim the helm of America? What ever actions that may entail, or circumstances we will face because of those actions, only history will tell. Now is the time for America to make history.
"When darkness fades with daylight, and the sheep are able to look upon the wolves, only then can they survive."
~ George Legeros

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