Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When Darkness Fades With Daylight

If Congress works for us, If we pay them very well, and give them the best health care plan available and a very good retirement for life plan, they should be doing what we pay them to do. The work required of We the People, and if they don't, we should be able to fire them. We shouldn't have to wait for elections to have them removed from office. They should be able to be pink slipped just like the rest of working America. It is a job that they spend billions to get, but we're the ones giving it to them and they work for us. It is my belief that the Constitution was purposely ambiguous about this matter and therefore left it to the interpretation of we the people. Again I must reiterate, they work for us, therefore we determine their fate by vote of confidence or otherwise. It is NOT in their power to ignore or override the will of the people. Oh, they think they can, but they can not by virtue of the Constitution.

Our government and Congress claim they operate with oversight, with checks and balances. We should be the check and balance for Congress and government. We elected them, we didn't make them gods. When was the last time government actually asked us what they should do before they do it? And I don't mean naming a post office. I mean what they should do about crime, government corruption, war, and most obvious, health care for all Americans? When they do ask us and we respond, they don't listen to us anyway. They believe they are untouchable when in actuality, they've become impervious to reason, common sense, and conscience.

What has become abundantly and painfully apparent, is they can not be left to their own designs nor to police themselves. Simply too much corruption and impropriety have been exposed to the point that we the people, our foreign allies and indeed the world, now see us as a disgrace to the ideal of America. Oversight of Congress can not be a circumstance in which the "foxes oversee the hen house". Americans are deeply concerned with the behavior and direction of our government. Many feel it's out of control and has become authoritarian by design. Some say it's broken beyond redemption, others, bordering on just plain lunacy.

Are We the People, prepared to make the hard choices, to do what is necessary to reclaim the helm of America? What ever actions that may entail, or circumstances we will face because of those actions, only history will tell. Now is the time for America to make history.
"When darkness fades with daylight, and the sheep are able to look upon the wolves, only then can they survive."
~ George Legeros

Friday, June 23, 2017

Health Care; The Bankrupting of a Nation

Dear America (and Congress),
Haven't they screwed around with health care long enough? Harry S friggen Truman had the right answer...But no! Health care in America was sold to the highest bidder, and they've been slowly but surely bankrupting America ever since. Hasn't America gone broke on health care long enough or fast enough for you?

If you are considering a solution other than universal health care, which is not universal for profit insurance, you're either woefully dimwitted or willfully blind and compromised. I'm going with the latter.

It's time to raise taxes on everyone a few percent to help pay for everyone's health care. Notice I said raise taxes on everyone to pay for everyone's health care. I don't want to hear you don't want to pay for this or that, or his or her health care because of your greed or your religion. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. We're Americans, health care belongs to everyone. Who are we to deny the right to health care, the right to survive illness to any American? We must be fair to all. We can not allow some to have health care and some not because of politics or bureaucracy.

Universal health care can only be achieved on a national basis. It must be implemented in every state of the union, unencumbered by layers of bureaucracy and without hesitation or hindrance. It is after all a matter of national security. We as a nation can not be truly secure if we as a people are unhealthy physically, or mentally.

Along with a slight increase in taxes, we must also initially appropriate and divert $400 Billion Dollars from the defense budget over 10 years, in the name of National Security, for start up and operating expenses. It's money we already have. We'll just be using it to help save American lives instead of spending it on weapons and bombs that we sell to and drop on other countries.

We need to improve the Medicare formula and expand on it. Negotiate for medication and required medical services but don't give the farm away. Only the vastness of the US government has the buying power to drive medical/health care costs down. It can't be done by the private sector because they operate on a for profit business model. If you don't believe me, then please explain how one can purchase a medication for $10 in another country, yet we in American, must pay an exorbitant amount for the same medication. That's just greed.

We need to break the chains of for profit health insurance and the greed in the pharmaceutical and medical industry in general, that have been holding this country slaves to stock markets, board room bonuses, and denial of claims. We need to let insurance companies do what they do best. Insure houses, cars, boats and air planes, that kind of stuff. They're good at that. But they've had their chance at insuring health care. They've been killing us with their health insurance business long enough. The end effect of their profits-over-life business model either kills or bankrupts their customers, or inflicts enough sorrw and grief to last them a life time.

Universal health care will eliminate the profits-over-life drivers of the medical industry from the mix. The quality of your health care and the relationship between doctor and patient will produce better results because it will be based directly on individual patient's needs and not on corporate bonuses or stock market ticks. The best part, the minimal tax increase will be less for everyone (notice I said everyone) than monthly insurance premiums. And, it will end the faux hand wringing of those we elected who don't care as much because we the people pay for their health care. And finally, for those die hard health insurance bean counters, if you're going to argue that coverage determines premiums, you already lost the argument.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Continue At Your Own Peril

America may never require another election in the foreseeable future. If this Republican death sentence known as the AHCA passes in it's present form, and people start realizing they've been had because they're going broke, they've lost access to health care, and folks are actually dying from it, I am loath to say I predict a very brutal and bloody insurrection.

If you back the poor and middle class into a corner, if you push people who have nothing left to lose to their limit, you better be prepared for the worst because it can't get any worse than insurrection.

So when we get there, and people start asking themselves how we got there, their answer will be Donald Trump and his Republican Congressional charlatans who have little concern for those who elected them. They may think they're safe in their castle on Capitol Hill, but I predict they will be the first to go. There will be no place to run or hide from the fate they wrought on themselves.

"A country born out of insurrection will do what is necessary to save the republic from pirates, blaggards, and robber barons disguised as patriots" ~ George Legeros

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our Elections and National Security

Today I listened intently to Jeh Johnson, the former Secretary of Homeland Security, testify on Capitol Hill related to his knowledge of alleged Russian cyber intrusion, and it's effect on the 2016 elections. As someone who has held a security clearance, I am appalled by what I heard. Here's why. From everything I was able to understand, the operation of our elections by private, political, non governmental organizations, has national security implications and therefore are a matter of national security.

Reports of a foreign and domestic election improprieties demand investigation. Yet these private organizations would deny access to a plethora of agencies whose job is to protect our national security detect. I am reminded of a TV commercial I'd recently seen about a security company that only provided security monitoring services to a bank so when the bank got robbed, they weren't actually able to do anything about it. Something is very wrong with this picture.

If we are in agreement that fair, free, open, elections are the life blood of democracy, they must remain untampered, free and safe from fraud and cyber manipulation. Our election are a matter of national security. How is it that these private, non governmental political organizations, entrusted with the election of the President of the United States, are allowed to deny access to their system by national security cyber specialists and are allowed to continue to operate when a reported 17 intelligence agencies insist our election system was compromised by person or persons who may be actors of foreign nations. Those agencies have provided public testimony that it was Russian interference. I'm guessing for matters of national security, we're going to have to take their word for it. My thing is, if we don't allow government officials to operate in a manner that would jeopardize national security, why would we allow political parties to do so?

If we are serious about the integrity of our election system, and we agree that our elections are a matter of national security, we can no longer continue to allow private, non governmental organizations, (political parties), the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of our election systems against cyber intrusion and/or manipulation. Normal civilian, nongovernmental protections and off the shelf software is inadequate. Our political parties have demonstrated that they do not have the requisite capabilities, nor the knowledge required to ensure the integrity of elections from a national security standpoint, and they should not get to do a do over in the same manner. It is after all, the election of the President of the United States and definitely a matter of national security.

The fact that the political parties were approached by national security agencies, and they were outright refused access after proof their IT network was compromised is unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue. The security of our elections is at stake. This is a monumental failure and one that Congress, the American people, and every alphabet agency tasked with national security should mandate a remedy to be immediately implemented to ensure these kind of activities cease and it's must be implemented before the next election. To allow this nonchalant approach to national security and election integrity to continue is tantamount to having a counter terrorist swat team surround a suspected terrorist strong hold, then pack up and leave because they heard a voice from inside say "there's nobody home".

Friday, June 16, 2017

Is America Politically Enfeebled?

There's just something about the mentally ill possessing firearms...It's bad enough everyday idiots have them but the mentally ill? Seriously? If there's a lesson to be learned from life, it has to be that people have been killing each other since the dawn of man for one reason or another. Isn't it time we at least make that harder for some? The notion that untenable government is responsible for one's suffering isn't a new one, and it's not unique to the United States. But when the obsessive political divisiveness and odious discourse of our elected, enfeebles a populous to the point of violence, it's time to take a hard look at the politics. Because if you allow the politically enfeebled the freedom to own a gun, they're going to shoot someone eventually.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Crisis Never Before Faced In This Nation's History

If the latest news reports are true, the untouchable has just been touched and everyone around him just got a tap on the shoulder from the long reach of Mueller's multi-jurisdictional net that is tightening around perhaps the biggest Constitutional challenge in generations.

What I'm not sure about is the Constitutional order of succession as a remedy under the current circumstances. There are 17 people in the order of succession to the office of president. Currently one of them is ineligible by reason of Constitutional citizenship requirements. If things keep going they way they are, every one of the 16 eligible successors to president may be a person of interest in Congressional hearings or found to be complicit,  and a defendant in federal criminal trials,

Therein is a Constitutional crisis that we have never faced in the entire history of our nation. If the Constitution has no workable remedy in this situation, we must rely on our wisdom and common sense, or we shall certainly perish as a nation. We can not in good conscience replace the corrupt with the corrupted.

I for one think we should hold immediate, new, open and fair elections, There must be independent oversight at every voter location by a federally appointed body OTHER than the political parties. There should be no association with political parties or surrogates, nor shall they have possession or access to ballots, balloting, vote counting or ballot transporting or storage, to ensure the integrity of the election. Additionally, the operation of the electoral college shall be suspended indefinitely. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Don't Care What You Feel Sir...

"We know these truths to be self evident." Others we're not so sure of. Purposeful murder is only permitted in war. There is no call to arms in America but we are in perilous times. Humanity is being challenged not only in America, but around the world. Is life that cheap a commodity? Diametrically opposed factions or wingnuts thereof, are making news. Apparently the blame for the alleged, politically motivated violence in Virginia is being placed on a three way tie between the right, the left, and that dirty commie Bernie Sanders. Personally, with what's happening in America, I'm only slightly surprised it hadn't happened sooner. Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, could you pass me a biscuit Martha?

On a side note, we've lost confidence in our government to do the right thing and we've got an economy whose Band-Aid is about to hemorrhage. People are shooting people. There is practically no one in Washington capable of a straight answer or telling the truth, and we still don't know for sure if it's collusion, perjury, obstruction of justice, the Russians, or Bueller. They just don't feel like telling us.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

What happens when the Constitutional remedy of the line of succession, becomes an attempt to replace the corrupt with the corrupted?

What has been becoming increasingly apparent is that wanton corruption has deeply embedded itself and has compromised the very fabric of America's political system. Once elections are held, an outgoing administration is replaced with the incoming president and his or her administration. (although "her" has yet to happen) Following the installment of a new president and administration, should there become a situation in which the president and those appointed  or confirmed to office during his term, are deemed untenable and unworthy to continue, impeachment is the only remedy provided by our Constitution. That, in and of itself is a Constitutional crisis. But then a new crisis becomes alarmingly evident. The remedy of the line of succession. When the basis of impeachment flows through the very fabric of our government, the impeached president, his cabinet and appointees, and members of Congress who have blatantly and with purpose, acted to further the administration's agenda and ideology becomes tainted, there becomes a new crisis of epic consequences.

Succession, being our only Constitutional remedy for impeachment, will then become an attempt to fix corruption with the corrupt. This must not stand. The Constitution in its present form is ill equipped to handle such a crisis as the framers could not in a thousand years have predicted such a scenario would engulf a democracy. Americans should demand that a Constitutional Convention be convened to fix this blaring flaw in the guiding document of our democratic republic. Our Constitution should provide an option where by We the People, by one person, one vote, with no intervention of any body such as an electoral college, can enable a remedy which makes the election and the administration null and void, and by doing so, also makes null and void any actions, executive orders, or legislation created by, or on behalf of the administration in question.

This will provide an alternative remedy to the Constitutional line of succession. Additionally, this remedy must include a declaration for the installment of temporary government, to remain in power for no longer than 90 days, a temporary suspension of Congressional rules and processes where by all acts and legislation conducted shall be ruled by two thirds majority vote, and Congress will be required to remain in emergency session until immediate, new, statewide, fair and open primary and general elections are completed. This is in my opinion the only way to correct this flaw in our system and to reverse any and all actions, decisions, and damage that may have occurred under the reprobate president and administration.

What say ye?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bill Maher, IceCube, the "N" word, and growing up in the 50s and 60's inner cities.

My take on Bill Maher and IceCube's discussion of the "N" word on Maher's show last night. I want to first say this post should not be construed to be an excuse for it's use in any manner, shape, or form. It's not. It's simply background for understanding.
First, a little background on where I came from. I grew up in inner city DC in the 50s and 60s...the "N" word was in full bloom by both whites and "Negros" as they were mostly referred to back then...well in my family anyway. I don't exactly remember when the word "black" was "officially adopted" as acceptable, but back then, POC, black kids, my friends, called me the "N" word. I wore it as a badge of honor I guess mostly because as a white kid, I thought I was accepted. The grade school I attended was mostly black as well as the high school I attended. Then, In 68 when DC was burning and racial unrest hit a boiling point; the tear gas and burning cars and neighborhoods got to be a little too much to handle daily. Our closest neighbors who were of course black, gave my pop a sign to put on his car; "Soul Brother", thinking it would save it from being burned. It did
We eventually moved to Virginia. It was a complete culture shock for me because I went from schools that were primarily black, to a Virginia public school that had maybe 2 black kids in the entire school, and this wasn't in some podunk, rural VA hick town. it was Annandale, VA. Only about 25 miles from the inner city DC where I grew up...
Fast forward 50 years and the issue now becomes; who is allowed to use this word? My black friends in my youth referred to me as one. Evidently they thought it appropriate and hey, I didn't mind..it meant I fit in. But now I struggle to understand. Yes, I know one should NEVER call a black man the "N" word although as kids we did it all the time to each other. My friends knew me. It was OK with them.. It was OK with me. it meant we were friends. But now I'm all grown up, and I KNOW it's not an OK thing to say, even to my oldest living friends from my inner city youth. Yes, a few are still alive and we catch up occasionally but haven't for several years now...Hell, they're probably all dead...I'm not far behind.
I guess what I'm saying is...IceCube and others want to claim the word for black peoples use only...I'm OK with that I guess. But one must understand that no one is born a racist. it's not an inherited trait. It is a learned one, and if anyone called me a racist, I'd knock their fucking teeth down their throat.. but I digress. Unfortunately we start "learning" when we're young, in our environment and through our social interaction.
So, when I hear anyone, yes, even IceCube, use the "N" word, in movies, in public, or otherwise, I never hear a disclaimer. They NEVER bother to say "look...I can use it but you can't", until it's too late. Until someone says it out loud with mal-intent or not. So in that context, when kids, (both POC and not) too young to understand the implications, hear it being used in movies, in music, etc, (and I believe they hear it a lot), they don't/won't know any better. They'll think, "hey IceCube said it" so it's OK, and they'll continue to be mistaken.
Again, I friggen luv IceCube. I think he's funny as shit. But he and others who have "claimed" this word for black use only need to understand what I'm trying to say here....Kids repeat what they hear...they don't know any better. And. sometimes grown ups, who should know better don't. But, It's not always racism. Sometimes it's just ignorance. And that's a fact of life..OK...I'll shut up now....

Russia, the elections, and America...the short and sweet version..

Russian hacking isn't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining the 2016 elections. Most won't want to hear the real truth. The Russians aren't the only ones to have figured out that because of the dumbing down of our education system, there are generations of Americans that have either lost the ability to reason and think critically or never actually had it. They've used this flaw against us and they've been doing it for decades. Flood our airwaves, our media and most means of communication with a constant stream of chaos, fake news, and the next shiny thing...by then, there's so much chaos and confusion, they can march in backwards and tell everyone they're leaving, and no one's the wiser. Psychological wars are cheaper than wars with soldiers, tanks, and bombs. Sadly, all it takes is an Internet connection. The actual hacking into emails, servers, etc was just the side show...We're in this mess because we've been had...and let's face it...looks like we're just as stupid as the next guy....We may recover from this...But, the changes required to make a full recovery and ensure this debauchery never happens again may just end up killing us anyway. Because sometimes we're not as smart or strong as we think. Which by the way, is exactly what they planned...

Friday, June 9, 2017

What Would You Have Asked Director Comey?

I would have asked Mr. Comey if while Director, was he aware of any attempts by any country other than Russia, to engage in cyber attacks designed to penetrate, influence, and/or manipulate our system of elections that extended to the level of political parties and their operatives and surrogates? If the answer is yes, we're in real trouble. The implications are that our system of elections has been compromised.

The "intelligence" gathered by those attacks by foreign actors has rendered it virtually obsolete and dangerously compromised and broken. The IT breaches are one thing, but the primary and secondary payloads of the attack are more dangerous because it was a concerted effort to prosecute a psychological operation against Americans, it's 4th estate, and the one of the prime means by which many Americans form "educated" decisions, the media.

When one considers the report by the US Intelligence Operations in it's entirely, the magnitude and content of these attacks against the fabric of our nation, and the total effect they had on the 2016 election, couple that with multiple reports from around the country of primary election improprieties perpetrated by the DNC, the only remedy that comes to my mind is the elections should be declared null and void, voiding the entire administration and any actions effected by the administration. When considering the implication of a null and voided election, the Constitutional remedy of succession is not in this case adequate, because the founding fathers could not have imagined such a sequence of events that would taint an entire administration. New, fair, and immediate elections is the only remedy. It is my opinion that until this happens, we will have an illegitimate president, and an entire administration, operating against the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


At the PUBLIC FISA hearing today, no one who testified wanted to go on a public record, that could be used by special investigator Mueller, as evidence of obstruction of justice, one of many predicates for impeachment. I'm pretty sure those actually following this know the "meat" testimony will occur in the SCIF, out of the eyes and ears of We the People.

Keep in mind, the reasons for those who would not testify in public had nothing to do with saving the lives of intelligence assets under the guise of National Security. Or exposing the means and methods of intelligence gathering. On the contrary, it has everything to do with how quickly this administration is fitted for orange or striped jump suits, or given the opportunity to resign. I can wait a few more hours I guess.

That being said, I believe the same thing will happen during Comey's public testimony. He is a civilian, but I believe he will provide nothing in public testimony we haven't already heard or already knew. It will be the testimony given in the SCIF. That is where the rubber will meet the road.

What will be key is that special council Meuller is present at both the FISA and Comey classified testimony hearings. If this investigation is to have integrity and credibility, it is imperative that he has the opportunity to hear the testimony and ask specific questions of those testifying, rather than rely on hearsay or 3rd party "evaluations" of what was actually said.

Friday, June 2, 2017

All Bets May Be Off...

I'm an old man. Retired, disabled, and a veteran. Sometimes I'm lewd, and sometimes crude, but I always speak my mind, and I suffer no douche bags. The only thing I'm sure of is that I know right from wrong and what's going on with this Trump administration is wrong. Every second this presidency and administration is allowed to continue, plunges America deeper in what may very well be an unrecoverable spiral into irrelevance. From the leader of the entire free world to a disgraceful, fascist, banana republic, which the entire world now holds in disgust and disdain, and all within 6 months of the election. We've witnessed first hand a reportedly rigged and manipulated election with untenable rumors of corruption, violence, and foreign government interference. We've also witnessed the inability of those we elected and those they appointed, to get to the bottom of it. In fact, a reasonable person would conclude they're intentionally dragging their feet, looking the other way, hoping no one would notice. Guess what? We noticed!

There is only so much Americans can tolerate. This administration was never suited for the task of running the country that was once the leader of the entire free world. And, there is no doubt we've alienated every major country in the world except one...and $10 bucks says they're playing us. Their president was KGB, ours is an ASS and no match for him, and this administration is well on it's way to alienating the majority of it's own people from the goodly amount of daily lunacy and rumors of wrong doing pouring out of the White House. Once that happens, all bets are off as to what happens next, or if America will survive as a nation. Even Las Vegas won't hold the paper on that bet.

That being said, and what is particularly troubling, is that Congress continues to prove it's only interested in self enrichment and reelection, country be damned. And they're using this Constitutional crisis as a smoke screen to continue the dismantling of middle class, it's safety nets, and the deregulation of financial institutions which continue to rip off the people, all while circle jerking Americans out of their hard earned tax dollars to pay for war and tax breaks for the rich. And don't get me started on the legal bribery and "emoluments" in the form of special interest lobby money flooding Congress.

Any way you look at it, this is not our daddy's America...well except for the religious and partisan whack jobs, and the violent, racist motherf*ckers that continue to live life abundantly from trailer park to shining trailer park, in a country that couldn't find it's own ass in the dark with two hands and a flashlight. We've been had America...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

As A Veteran, I'm Loath To Say We No Longer Deserve A Country

I'm guessing it's gonna take Trump breaking the glass at the National Archives and burning the Constitution before America finally wakes up and removes this traitorous stain on America and drags him and his entire traitorous and subversive administration to Gitmo. But who's got the stones to do it? FBI? Nope...DOJ? Don't think so...Our military? Fat chance. If we don't act fast, Russian troops will be guarding the White House and rolling down the streets of our cities. 

Apparently, we really are a country of fucking sheep, so much so, I now truly believe we don't deserve a country. We elected an imbecile, a fascist, and a puppet of Russia and Putin's personal nut sack huger. If the majority of America can't see this, we have no shot, and we're already dead as a country....I'm sad to say that I'm almost glad I have cancer, because as a veteran who served his country at a time the wars were fought in jungles and rice paddies, I don't want to live to see this shit happen to my country. The country I served honorably and swore to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I'm pretty sure if we don't stop Trump and his minions, it will happen and again as a veteran, I'm ashamed of what my country has become.

Wake up America...Wake up NATO...Wake up Europe...Wake up WORLD...Save the planet from this fascist stain on humanity and piece of crap government he created...Don't like what you just read?...Sorry...I have no more fucks to give and I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to anyone anymore...