Thursday, August 31, 2017

congress - noun


[noun kong-gris; verb kuh n-gres, kuh ng-]

1. the national legislative body of the U.S., consisting of the Senate, or upper house, and the House of Representatives, or lower house, as a continuous institution.
2. worthless cocksuckers who should all be dragged to Gitmo.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We lost everything...Did you have flood insurance?...uhhhh

They allow you to live in flood zones for the money and lives everyone loses. Ultimately, a bank is involved somewhere. You can make cars, washing machines, or widgets, but you can't make land. The Army Corps of Engineers should update their 20 something year old flood maps. It is a matter of national security. Clay and concrete don't make for a good watershed and a lot has happened in the past 20 or 30 years. If you live in these flood zones, you need to understand that you either have to get flood insurance to do so, or suffer losing everything with no one but family to bail you out. If you live near your family, that itself may be tough to do considering what this is about. Business' especially should take this precaution.

Look, I'm not one for telling people they must buy any insurance, especially since I'm for Single Payer health care. But, all insurance isn't bad. It's risk management. I just don't think health care should be considered a risk nor run by anyone who think's it is.

The catastrophes endured in our ocean facing states is terrible and unimaginable. The first concern is savings lives. I don't think it's time for building an ark, but I also don't think people should remain stupid, especially after witnessing the possibility become terrible reality. I believe any structures built on property in a flood zone should be mandated to have and maintain flood insurance. The government can not continue to replace housing and personal belongings all because people don't have flood insurance. They can send you boats and helicopters to save your life. They can provide temporary food, water, and shelter, but they can not take over as the bearer of loss of personal property simply because you risked living in a flood zone without flood insurance. I know that may sound cold to some and probably too soon but, it will be something many will be facing in the very near future. Right now, all the government can do is to continue rescue efforts and provide basic survival necessities to victims. They should also create and convince all Americans to buy Emergency savings bonds to provide funding relief for natural or man made disasters such as those we're going through. Oh, and pipe down with all the saber rattling. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Hate You Bastards Because You Voted No For Emergency Funding...

I believe it should be illegal for Congress to create legislation that is not singular in intent. I believe Federal Catastrophic Emergency Funds to help Americans survive and recover from catastrophic events, should never include extraneous, non germane language not central to the original purpose of the legislation.

The horrendous ridicule of Congress is warranted. They bring it on themselves. There is no ethical or moral compass in how they ultimately operate. It's just a matter of who scratches who's back and when. It's right up there with criminal and perhaps subversive. Be it flood, hurricane, or other natural or man made disaster, it doesn't matter, that's how they are allowed to operate.

That being said, no Member of Congress should be made to vote on an emergency funding bill in which the immediate survival of American lives hang in the balance, which includes funding for non germane items. As an example, it means no funding for fisheries in Alaska when the original intent of the vote was to provide emergency funding to help victims of hurricane Sandy. Yes, apparently that actually happened.

It is unacceptable that Congress is allowed to operate in such a manner and is a main reason not much of anything meaningful is ever accomplished. Just as no member of Congress should be made to vote on such legislation, no member may create such legislation period. This should be a legislative standard for both the House and Senate. and a Constitutional amendment if required. Fix Congress!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Federal Emergency Funding for Catastrophic Crisis'

Dear America,
Every member of Congress who votes no, on Federal emergency funding for catastrophic emergencies in any state, should be dragged from office for dereliction of duty and being a traitor to their country. This is the United States. it's not their personal fiefdom. Members of Congress are supposed to do what is right and good for Americans, especially in times of emergencies and crisis'. The anti-America miscreants who vote no should not be voted out of office, they should be dragged out.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Racism, Hatred, and Humanity

Racism, hatred and humanity are all learned traits. We are not born with them, we are taught. What does that tell you about America?
1. Our education system sucks
2. Our Constitution is just one big loop hole ready to happen
3. Our government is compromised
4. All of the above

Thursday, August 24, 2017

All it takes is guts and the will of what humanity is left in America.

We have a Constitution, that doesn't give us license to be stupid. Americans, French, British, and the Soviets held Military Tribunals in Germany. Nazi's were executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and their part in the proliferation of the Nazi ideology of white, Aryan race supremacy. Therefore, it is my opinion that those who espouse and proliferate Nazi ideology are by default criminals. It doesn't take a Constitutional amendment to ban all Nazis, and the proliferation of Nazi ideology in America. All it takes is guts and the will of what humanity is left in America.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hey Trump...You listening? No Place For nazis In America

This is not about instigators or agitators. This is about nazis. And no, I won't be capitalizing it anywhere here. Americans died fighting nazis in Europe, no American should die on their own soil at the hands of nazis and race supremacists. Race supremacy, yeah, funny how the nazis thought they were the "chosen ones", the master race and all others are subhuman. Humanity has seen what their kind are capable of. End of story. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave and there is no place in America for nazis or white supremacists.

American cities have histories riddled with rioting, injury and death every time these bastards march in the streets. They have no voice in America. We can not give them a voice. We kicked their asses and their ideology in WWII, and we can't have that crap here in America now or ever. Who the hell is running this place? This isn't a Constitutional issue, this is a criminal issue. ALL nazis are criminals by default. You just can't be any more un-american than that. Look, you can be a German in America all day long, but you can't be a nazi in America ever! I'd say throw them all in Gitmo, but there is no reason to subsidize their existence. Humanity has already paid a terrible price for their existence once.

Hey Trump...You listening? No place for nazis in America.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Hitler or the Confederacy?

OK Hitler, or the Confederacy? Granted, Generals Lee and Jackson didn't send millions of Jews to the gas chambers, but they fought a bloody and deadly war in favor of an idea that one man could own another. Sadly, so many years after the civil war, race animosity in America has not subsided. It's a local issue, it's your next door neighbor, it's America.

In Germany they put a stop to that sh*t right then and there. The war was won. The judges listened to the Nazis defend themselves, then executed them. Because there are some things humanity will not tolerate nor should it. Estimates of over 80 million people died defeating the Nazi ideology of race supremacy, xenophobic hate and bigotry and unmentionable brutalities, so that it would never be tolerated anyplace in the world again.

The recent Charllotesville events are that Nazi ideology using the mask of Confederate "history and pride" to incite and create an environment condusive to their agenda. A resurgence of hate and race supremacy in America. Like they think they're going to show up in a city flying Nazi flags, carrying guns, and spewing hate, and someone's not going to get hurt? The authorities were imbeciles for issuing the permits in the first place. Statistical data should have been enough for them to know that it's was a bad idea and too big of a risk to public safety to allow it to happen.

None the less, what happened was purposeful and premeditated incitement. It's not a freedom of speech issue over hate speech. Even hate speech has been Constitutionally defended. However, pernicious speech that incites violence and results in murder, that's not a Constitutional issue, that's a criminal issue and has nothing to do with the Constitution or protected speech. Nazis "demonstrators" and white supremacists caused the murder of a young woman in Charllotesville and should be held criminally responsible.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What to do...What to do...I'm so confused....

As the question of Confederate monuments seems to be America's dysfunction d' jour, and may lead to armed insurrection, here's a novel idea. Stop the engagement of any high dollar contracted piece of military apparatus before it's manufactured. Better make it one that's around $500 million dollars. That's a chair on a jet right? Then, deploy units of the Army Corps of Engineers to remove, transfer, and place any and all Confederate monuments (that weren't in cemeteries) in a designated and secure area, until transfer to it's final resting place. What's good for America is good for government. So monuments on or near government grounds on Capitol Hill and statehouse grounds in every state have to go, all of them. Oh and one more thing. Let's not forget William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union General, and the one we named a tank after. He was one of the most brutal generals of the entire northern army, more so in times of war.

Then take what's left over and start a Congressionally funded construction of the National Confederate Museum. We have a museum that enshrines the holocaust so that those that perished, and the barbaric degenerate's that ordered the horror in which they perished, will never be forgotten. We might as well have one that commemorates the horrors of our nation's civil war between the north and south. A war in which families and brothers fought against each other. A war fought to destroy the idea that any man may own another.

OK, seriously, our country's going down the tubes. We have a president that's a spit away from impeachment and you're killing each other over statues of dead people? Exactly who the f*** do you think we are?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pernicious Incitement Is Not a Protected Freedom

We as Americans enjoy freedom of speech and other civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. But, nothing about Charlottesville was civil. Nor was it protected free speech. This was not peaceable assembly, nor a redress grievances by the aggrieved. This was pernicious incitement, by fanatics and anarchists attempting to operate under the guise of a protected freedom. We can not allow replays of incidents like Germany's "Kristallnacht" anyplace in America. Humanity is witness to how that turned out. Do not let anyone twist the truth. Hate is hate, no matter what words are used to describe it.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are We As A Nation Worthy Of Humanity's Redemption?

We are deeply damaged as a nation. Honor, integrity, wisdom, and your word being your bond, bygone days before the defilement of politics and it's effects on our society. The smell is as bad as the disdain, and yet there are those who still think this will fix itself.

These are the times of crisis faced by our nation, which demanded Constitutional Conventions and amendments. Times when the Constitution was amended to provide a just and honorable remedy to a crisis of Nation. Such a crisis requires enduring wisdom and forethought, based in reason and critical thinking, to craft such amendments to ensure the reasons and events for which they were created in the first place, can never again come upon this nation.

But the long term damage and corruption is deep. There are precious few in Congress who will step up or down, unselfishly for the nation, without wanting something in return, even though it is their job. After all, why stop the buck when it goes into their own pockets? We must all ask ourselves; has the flame of democracy, and the honor and integrity of this nation been extinguished? Have we become the sum of all that we despise and fear?

Our next steps in the coming days will determine if honor, integrity, and wisdom still exist in this nation, or if we've become a fallacious political abomination, devoid of humanity, and compelled by power, greed, privilege and ubiquitous corruption. And finally, we must ask ourselves, are we as a nation worthy of humanity's redemption? We can ill afford to get this one wrong.