Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's Over...We Made This...

OK...The voting is over, we have a President...Almost... All that's left is the swearing in. From my 65 plus years of observations, Trump is going to end up 1 of 3 ways. Like Kennedy, Nixon, or Obama. He won't be an Eisenhower unfortunately. He's on the wrong side of the table and may never be able to admit to biting off more than he can chew, and his cabinet of corporate raiders is going to get him in some deep sh*t. He may end up like Obama with disappointments and failed good intentions. Sadly, we all know how Kennedy ended up...My bet is he'll end up more like Nixon, but leaving office early in disgrace. Look, America made this. We're already the laughing stock of the world, so this is par for the course. Can we really afford this? Apparently we can.
It's over and done, so can we please all just shut up.

He's got 4 years. I have little faith in humanity, but I believe most of us have looked in the mirror and thought how the hell did our country get here...But cheer up. We don't look like Aleppo yet...a pile of bombed out rubble with citizens killing each other. Although, there are a lot of guns here and who knows how much America has been broken or how much farther the hopeless can be pushed...

If Donald Trump lasts to the next election, we get to do this all over again. I'll say again, I have little faith in humanity, but then I remember from history that seven Constitutional amendments took less than one year to ratify. If we’re going to fix things, I’d say that’s the place to start. On the down side, I don't trust this Congress to have the wisdom required to open a can of beer, let alone pen and ratify a Constitutional amendment.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We are living in trying times. Our votes don't matter and our Constitutionally guaranteed right to redress of grievances falls on deaf and partisan ears. The immutable honor and integrity of our elected officials, and those tasked with our nation's most vital affairs have been soiled by the appearances of impropriety. We the People, have lost control of our country and our government. Justice, national security, common defense, domestic tranquility, and the general welfare of our nation are at stake. Political corruption begins at the source, politicians. If our country is to endure, we must revise our Constitution so that it may continue to remain relevant into the 21st century and beyond. We the people must demand Congress hold a Constitutional Convention to compile proposed changes, and we must hold their feet to the fire like we have never done before, to ensure those changes span all three branches of government. We must demand public input and demand Congress work in conjunction with We the People. We must also demand those changes be put on a national ballot to be voted on in Special Elections in 2020. Our voices must be heard and we can not allow partisan politics nor special interests to deprive us of the Constitutional amendments desperately needed to save our republic. It will require the brilliance, forethought and vigilance of our best and brightest citizens to work in conjunction with Congress to ensure it's completion, and appears on a national ballot by our next general election in 2020. It is a task that should not be taken lightly, but one that we must undertake. The stakes are too high. The ill winds of derision blowing across this nation must be addressed at the source, the Constitution. First and foremost, my suggestion would be to Constitutionally address our 2 party political system, and the systemic political corruption that exists within. We need specific language to address both political corruption and monies collected to fund politicians, as well as specific language to stop the incestuous influence of political lobbyists. I personally would like to see public financing of all elected officials. Perhaps a check box on an income tax return, capping political contributions at no more than $10. Additionally, I would make illegal all PACs. They will no longer be required with public financing of elections. I would also suggest that our advancement in voting technologies have made the electoral college moot. It should be disassembled and abolished. I'm sure there are many Americans with minds more brilliant than mine, who have ideas for proposed Constitutional amendments. I believe the journey to a better America begins with the first step, a Constitutional Convention. Government is supposed to work for us, not against us, or in spite of us.

Monday, October 24, 2016


By 1935, Roosevelt figured out that Americans, for the good of the country, should contribute to their own retirements. That was a no brainer. He also knew that youth and ignorance would stifle a voluntary program. Hence he signed the Social Security Act into law in 1935. Social Security was solvent until Greenspan and Reagan concocted a plan to (in my opinion) illegally divert money paid into the Social Security trust fund by millions of Americans since 1935. Social Security had it's troubles, but nowhere NEAR the lie of insolvency Reagan and Greenspan perpetrated on the American People.
Reagan used the money to hide the fact that the economy was in trouble and his economic plan of cutting taxes to reduce the deficit and increase income was a resounding failure and that too, he and his presidency would be seen as a failure and as untrustworthy if he went back on his promise of a 30% tax reduction. He and Greenspan stole money to fund wars, and garner support from the MIC flourishing in Reagan's home state because of their increased bottom line. Additionally, other failed economic policies such as reducing other tax rates in the investment sector and creating loop holes enhancing corporate bottom line continue to siphon money from gov funds to fund congressional pork and other Reagan pet projects. Reagan knew if the rich corporations were behind him, he'd be seen as a good president. However, this further obfuscated the fact that the economy and the country was in trouble because of mismanagement of taxes and the infiltration of special interest money to sway the elected.
The tragedy is that Greenspan and Reagan's same accounting formula has been used by every president in office since...We are trillions in debt. The government continues to steal/misappropriate TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the Social Security and yet they continue to cry Social Security is in trouble. We should be demanding the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS stolen by Reagan and Greenspan be returned, and the same goes for the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS misappropriated by every president since. The problem is not Social Security. The problem is mismanagement and unaccountably of tax payer's money! You don't need to be an economist to understand that. Here we sit, Trillions in debt, do you think we'll ever get a cent of that money back?..Where are we going to get it? China? It certainly isn't going to come from the paychecks of those who put us in this predicament.
Nope..They'll sleaze up a plan to obfuscate that they're trying to get us to pay for their ineptness and mismanagement, or worse, a plan to do away with Social Security for good. They're pretty stupid. If they get rid of Social Security, they'll be worse off...They can't make now with stealing the money, when there's no place to steal from...they'll collapse from the weight of corruption...hopefully by the hand of justice.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Charade of Choice

If any person of voting age in America is considering voting for the Democratic or Republican nominees for President and Vice President of the United States, you should seriously seek help and wisdom. How can you say in good conscience that either of these 2 candidates is the way for America to move forward into the 21st century. In my 65 years, I've seen war mongers and peace nicks, I've seen racists and I've seen socialist candidates, but I have never witnessed the profoundly damaged ethos and character these candidates exhibit. The Constitution provides that our government is balanced by a President, Congress, and a Supreme Court. You can not balance extremism, and therefore, you certainly must not allow it to prevail. Corporate and political corruption, funded by untold special interest money, have orchestrated the perfect charade of choice in which they provide the choices, but no matter what choice you make, you lose. My conscience tells me I must act, but my country gives me little choice. This is worse than 1776. We didn't have a country back then, but we're about to lose one now. Gutless or not, the best we can hope for is that not a shot will be fired.
Truth, justice for all, and integrity that is beyond reproach, must remain the standards of government. Who among us can step forward to say this is the government, this is the country we have now? Full stop America, dire consequences are ahead unless wisdom prevails. We now have 19 days left. This election can not be allowed to continue...Stop the charade. It will be a painful and extremely difficult undertaking, but we must demand a redo of the entire election because this choice is no choice. I realize more than you know that what I'm suggesting is unprecedented in the history of America, but these are unprecedented and dire times. Our Constitution and country demand more from us, and we must have the wisdom to realize that and act. I seriously don't know how else to have said this, and you don't have to agree, but thank you for at least taking the time to read it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

We See It, We Hear It, and We Still Can't Believe it?

As the establishment 4th estate and various talking heads attempt to explain to us what we just saw and heard one must wonder, how stupid do they really think we are? We saw it. We heard it. Some wring their hands in disgust while others salivate as the abject lunacy and hypocrisy continues. We're way past any political post debate damage control. Despite our grandiose yet fleeting moments of greatness, we should be ashamed to call ourselves America. We are damaged, and sadly the repair, if we can be repaired, will cost us everything.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NAFTA/TPP Good for Multi-National Corporate Interests Bad for America

NAFTA was the first systemic blow to America's self-sustainability. It opened the door to unfettered off shore manufacturing by American corporations without regard to consequences. It ultimately led to the closings of manufacturing plants across America and the loss of millions of jobs. Alas, military service was on the increase, but not enough to mitigate the damage to the job market and the economy caused by corporate off shore manufacturing. The result? Millions of Americans without income, struggling in panic to support their families, while corporate and Wall Street profits skyrocketed.

America really never recovered as millions more suffered job losses. Jobs that were manufacturing's operational infrastructure were no longer needed. More collateral damage to a weakened job market and economy. The effect of outsourcing American manufacturing to off shore facilities continued to stifle recovery and economic growth as it's damage rippled through other job sectors. The backbone of America continued to decay and rust, just as it's bridges, roadways, and rail lines. America, caught up in wars, poverty, hunger and homelessness, struggles for their very lives.

Shortly following the signing of NAFTA, powerful voices in corporate America convince Bill Clinton and Congress to repeal the Glass Steagall Act, dealing yet another systemic blow to America's now mortally wounded economy. It allowed banks and Wall Street to go unregulated which ultimately resulted in the crash of the economy in 2008. Millions lost their life savings, their jobs, and their homes. Corporate America sold American's jobs to the lowest offshore bidder and our government provided incentives for them to do so. America's self-sustainability was decimated and we became perilously reliant on imports.

The opportunity for America to recover and reclaim it's self sustainability will disappear with the signing of the TPP. It will thwart the return of manufacturing to America permanently. The provisions of the trade deal are specific and conducive to the continued off shoring of American jobs and businesses. and will result in the loss of our right as a nation to invoke sovereignty as defense and for redress against breach of agreement made by other signatory nations. America should never be left in such a legally perilous position.

What's left of the American middle class knows where they are after 22 years of struggle since NAFTA and the repeal of Glass Steagall. But the struggle for the survival of America's middle class will continue long after those of you reading this are gone, if the United States becomes a signatory to the TPP. This is a good deal for corporate interests, but a bad deal for America and the American middle class.

~John Q Publik

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Truth, However Distasteful, Can No Longer Be Ignored

Congress has spent millions of dollars and years investigating Hillary Clinton's culpability in the attack of our embassy in Benghazi by radical Islamic terrorists. What was ultimately exposed was a partisan attempt to damage Ms Clinton with nothing more than lies and innuendo. Sadly, her own testimony before Congress did little to help her, and in fact raised more questions about her actions both prior to and subsequent to the embassy attack.

The State Department has now concluded it's own investigation of Ms. Clinton. They found that she mishandled, and deleted emails in direct violation of rules and regulations regarding the handling of classified materials, and most egregious is the fact that doing so, she violated sections of the Espionage Act. The one thing no one counted on was the Wiki release of Clinton emails heretofore unknown to the Congressional investigations and thought to have been deleted. One in particular, included in this post, is devastating to her case. If this leaked email can be authenticated/corroborated, it is proof Ms Clinton conspired with others to circumvent laws relative to handling of classified materials.

Ms Clinton, in black and white, recommends to others that the electronic headers of classified emails be removed, and transmitted in order to conceal and obfuscate their classification status, which is a direct violation of specific sections of the Espionage Act. This act alone should disqualify her from ever holding any elected office, especially the office of the President as it is proof she was a willing participant in a conspiracy to circumvent specific rules governing the possession and transmission of classified materials.

It's time for the Department of Justice to step in and implement her removal as a candidate in the Presidential race. Failure to do so will cause irreparable damage to the country. To not act now before the Democratic convention would be an affront to democracy and the integrity of our system of elections.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Petition by We The People

We the People's right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution specifically prohibits Congress from abridging "the right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".
The utter dysfunction of our Congressional Representatives and our Government in general has become so perverse and so untenable, that many Americans are loath to find ourselves once again on the precipice of insurrection and the destruction of our great Republic. Therefore, We the People hereby demand that: All Salary and benefits for all Congressional members be withheld until such time as the following legislation is passed and ratified, and that NO part of any salary or benefit be paid until legislation is passed by both House and Senate and ratification by the several States is completed.









Additionally, We the People demand the passage of a "Government Sanity Act", which states: Any elected official attempting to put forth any legislation that would undermine and/or cause catastrophic damage or peril to the government or people of the United States, to include its economy, and full faith and credit, shall be immediately taken into custody by the DOJ and charged with the crime of conspiracy to commit acts of Subversion against the government of the United States of America. Additionally, any civilian or entity, giving aid in furtherance of said crime whether monetary or otherwise, shall be guilty of the same crime. For the purposes of this bill, Subversion shall be defined as: A systematic attempt to OVERTHROW or UNDERMINE a government or POLITICAL SYSTEM by person or persons, WORKING FROM WITHIN; also: the crime of committing acts in furtherance of such an attempt.

We the People acknowledge and understand that this petition is in direct conflict with the 27th Amendment to the Constitution. However, given the current dysfunction of our Government and the blatant indifference paid to our grievances by our Government, We the People feel it is our only option, short of insurrection to save the Republic.
A Government, that cares only for the well being of corporations and the aristocracy while marginalizing its poor, its sick, its unemployed, its desperate and disenfranchised populous,sows the seed of insurrection and cannot long endure.


A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and maintains its life at the expense of the host. Parasites, masquerading as corporations have infected America. They develop an American corporate identity then suck out the life blood of it’s host...America. These corporations, some in concert with other countries, are effectively killing America from within.

Closing factories, off shoring jobs, destroying middle class families, destroying the environment and endangering the good faith and credit of the United States, all while making billions of dollars in profits. This parasitic corporate disease has spread globally, destroying the lives of the poorest around the world, just as they've done in America.

Our voices have not been heard by the very people we've elected to ensure this kind of thing would never happen. Parasitic corporate influence has blinded OR bribed our government representatives to look the other way while the populous is in peril. It's time to kill this deadly parasite. It's time for corporations to take their medicine to kill this parasitic infection of greed, apathy, indifference, and inhumanity!

Americans need to have their own strong economy in their OWN COUNTRY, where it's people have a roof over their heads and food on their table, a good paying job, good health care, and confidence that their way of life and their American dream isn't placed in eminent danger at the hands of a corporate oligarchy.

We can no longer allow any trade deal that allows corporations to off shore jobs. We must increase taxes on all American corporations, especially those that currently, or plan to, offshore more than 30% of their operations, and if they attempt to move their operations off shore to avoid their corporate responsibilities, they should be fined, and if necessary, have all their assets seized, as well as banning their products and services from sale or import into the United States or it’s territories. Global economy be damned!

We can not allow our laws, our sovereignty, our way of life, and the lives of millions of hard working Americans to be put in jeopardy by our elected representatives, corporations and their lobbyists, or other countries, whose only interests are profits and to succeed by the reckless endangerment of working people all over the world. This has NOTHING to do with protectionism, and everything to do with National Security.


It's time for some plain straight talk about this "global economy" and American trade deals. First, I'm in my 60's and I can't think of a single instance in my life where trade deals have helped the middle class. All I've seen is the constant off shoring of American jobs to countries we have trade deals with. 60,000 factories closed in America since NAFTA was passed.

The narrative that this new trade deal will open up markets is rhetoric. Those markets are already open. Another narrative is that trade deals will help America sell products in those markets and allow inexpensive goods from off shore to be imported for American consumers. THAT’S WHY WE HAVE THIS PROBLEM NOW! American consumers need money to buy. Yet, everyday thousands of jobs are lost to off shoring. The middle class is in danger of disappearing all together because of lack of jobs and manufacturing shipped over seas. If Americans aren't working, they have no money to buy products. So to say these trade deals and the global market is good for the middle class IS A LIE! It’s only good for corporations. The results of past trade deals like NAFTA? An increase of the U.S trade deficit of $181 BILLION dollars, and U.S. corporations like GE, Chrysler and Caterpillar fired U.S. workers and moved operations to Mexico. Proponents of trade deals argue that the volume of U.S. exports have risen. This is a typical example of double talk and smoke and mirrors because the exports of which they speak are not meant for sale in the country they're exported to. But rather, materials are exported to off shore manufacturers, assembled, and imported back to the U.S. for consumption. Imports that could have been manufactured here before plant closings caused by NAFTA and other bad trade deals.

The "catch 22"? If we don't manufacture here, we have nothing to sell there. Open markets are only good if you have something to sell. We've been told we'll be able to sell big ticket technology to those open markets. Really?...What?....I can't think of a single piece of computer equipment, televisions, router, telephones or really any other consumer technologies that are made in America. So I’m guessing the technology our administration is referring to is military weaponry? It certainly can't be clean energy technology, because other countries are "kicking our asses" there. Yes we make weapons...but the MIC will be the only ones benefiting, not the American middle class. And the rhetoric relative to others "dictating" the terms of trade deals is just that, rhetoric. Countries will buy from those who sell what they need, trade deals be damned.

Countries will import items that are either not manufactured in that country, or are cheaper. In case anyone has missed it, there are a lot of products that are no longer made in America because those factories have been closed and those jobs were shipped over seas. Sure, it may have an American brand name...but it's not made here. So who really benefits? Multinational corporations benefit, NOT the American middle class worker.

The fact is China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and the other countries where we have these so called trade deals in place manufacture products cheaper than America because their labor costs are significantly cheaper. Does anyone really think other countries aren't going to buy those goods cheaper from somewhere else? This is the global economy double talk and the smoke and mirrors proponents of these trade deals are proliferating.

If we really want to help America...we must STOP these bad trade deals, we MUST halt the off shoring of manufacturing and good jobs by any and all means necessary, and abolish the bad trade deals America has implemented in the past. We can't afford this kind of participation in a global economy where the "playing field" will NEVER be level unless American wages go down to 35 cents an hour, a situation corporations are counting on. Don't be fooled. Do not allow America to lower our wage standards. Doing so won't make us stronger in the global economy, it will destroy America and the American worker!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Will Sanders Supporters Vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Or Will They Vote Their Conscience No Matter What?

A dear friend of mine who is "running for office" in Pennsylvania asked me if I thought Bernie Sanders supporters would vote for Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination. Here is my answer to him. Yes it's long but he asked.

Well, you asked for it Jack, I'm no political pundit. As you know, I'm just an old, retired, disabled, veteran. But I do have an opinion. I believe that REAL Bernie Sanders supporters won't stay home and most won't vote for Hillary, but I don't believe they'll vote for Trump either. Yes, there may be some outliers, but I believe they will be the exception not the norm. I think what may happen will be historic in that the President may be determined by an unprecedented landslide of write in votes.

There are 43 states that allow write ins. The population of those 43 states dwarfs the population of the 7 that do not permit write ins. The big take away may shake many Republicans and Democrats, this 2 party system at it's core. This may be the year that parties become irrelevant, and frankly, IMO, none too soon.

Why do I believe that you might ask? Because data shows 43% of voters are "independents" that claim no party affiliation. That leaves a split demographic of 57% of the voters as either Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, etc. As has been shown in the 2016 primaries, both the Democratic and Republican parties marginalize Independent voters, the biggest single voting block.

Let say for the purpose of this discussion that the ratio of Dems to Reps is split evenly. That means, without independents, neither Dems nor Reps can win. To be clear, there are in my opinion, two candidates running as Democrats who are not really Democrats. Bernie Sanders is an Independent running on a Democratic ticket, and Hillary Clinton for all intents and purposes a "Republican light" candidate running as a Democrat, or perhaps better stated "in sheep's clothing".

I've been a democrat for most of my life, but I abandoned the Dem party because it abandoned me. The current Dem party no longer represents my ideals, and their election process in my opinion, has become an abomination of democracy and I don't believe I'm alone in this thought. The cry of the establishment; "Remember what happened with Nader" is rubbish. Bernie Sanders is no Ralph Nader, and his support dwarfs the support Nader had. There will be those who will never be swayed, but more understand that this election may well determine the survival of this country as a democracy. I have never been more sure of that and I believe in the disclaimer of: "Past performance does not necessarily guarantee future performance.

The disdain for both the Dem and Rep party candidates by "the people" has reached epic proportions and crosses party lines. To be a "good party member" means hold your nose and vote. Seriously? "hold your nose and vote" is the answer?...uhhh no... I don't expect you to let your true feelings out being that you're running for office as a Republican. It would probably be the same if you were running as a Democrat. It would be detrimental to your quest for office. But frankly, it is exactly what democracy requires. The voice of the people must heard and not be ignored or marginalized, and last I looked, even those running for office make up the demographic of "we the people".

I believe what we're witnessing in this election is the uncovering of the modus operandi of an insidious "shadow democracy" in which the powerful retain the power and are loathe to allow any outsider in. For that reason, I keep a copy of the ACLU's Pocket edition of the Constitution on me at all times (believe it or not), and I read portions almost daily to try to understand the intent of the founding fathers. Unfortunately, what I've come to understand is that the very processes that were used in the creation of America were carefully obfuscated by words and deeds, so that drastic changes in governance, the change the forefathers were required to make, would be difficult if not impossible to ever achieve again.

So, relative to parties, delegates and super delegates?  I believe delegates ensure inherent party control and/or manipulation of an election's outcome. This I believe is a corruption of the Constitution and is not democracy. In a democracy, the people's vote determines the outcome and not the "delegate" or "super delegate". In a democracy, all votes must carry the same weight, or the scales of truth and justice will become unbalanced, and the word of the people will be unheard if not completely vanquished.

Additionally, I implore everyone to read the Constitution. Contrary to what existing political parties would have you believe, there is NO requirement ANYWHERE in the Constitution mandating political party affiliation for the purpose of voting PERIOD!. The primary and general elections are not mutually exclusive, therefore the Constitutional right to vote in Federal, State, or Presidential elections, primary or otherwise, may not be infringed. Constitution before party.

It is my hope that this may in fact be the year of that epiphany. Very soon, this country will mark it's 240th year since it decided "enough is enough". "Lunctus Populorum" is America's greatest strength. Not it's industry, it's wealth, or it's military might. Our country's greatest strength is unity. Political parties work very hard to divide,  not unite the populous. In our current two party system it's "us against them" rather than "we together".

So my advice to anyone claiming party affiliation who wants to unite America? Throw your party under the bus this election. If you can't stand Donald Trump because he represents the hate, ignorance, and division that continues to tear this country apart, and you can't stand Hillary Clinton for those same reasons or others, your choice is clear. You can either give up, vote party line, and watch as the country continues it's downward spiral into lunacy, irrelevance, and division, or you can listen to your conscience to hear if it's telling you to choose country over party. Yes, there are other candidates that you may have to write in once you're in the seclusion of the election booth, or may already be on the ballot (3rd party). Don't worry if you're a democrat or republican, do you civic duty and vote for the best person for the job, EVEN if it means "crossing party lines".

Well, there it is Jack, My no party, non partisan answer. I may in fact be alone in this, but judging from what little facts the media actually reports, I don't think I am. It may not be pretty, or what you wanted to hear, but it's definitely what I think.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Who Carries the Torch of Obama's Legacy?

I had an interesting discussion about the "Obama coalition". Apparently some Democrats think there were no Sanders supporters in that coalition, or that somehow someone was "abandoned" or needed distance from his coalition. They are wrong. Obama's "coalition" consisted of people who had the hope that change could happen with unity. They were right. But what happened along the way perhaps disappointed many. Yes, we had our few successes as well, sadly, less than we'd hoped for. The blatant obstruction of partisan politics had it's toll on our country and our dreams. Race, economy, gender, things one would have thought were non issues apparently were not. The relentless wars against terrorism and injustice we are engaged in around the world continue while soldiers and civilians alike die only to be remembered by family and friends. And finally, little has been done to quell the spread of economic inequality in our homeland.
Obama was the right guy at the right time. That discussion is closed. But today is a different time. We've seen the mistakes that were made. We've seen the undeniable influence money has on politics maintaining the "status quo" to the benefit of the few rather than the many. This was not what the "Obama coalition" had in mind or bargained for.
We simply can not allow our elections to be shams and laughing stocks of the world and a free people. We can not continue on our current path to pseudo-fascism. Our compass isn't working anymore, and we require a new direction. One so important, so apprehensive, and one that can ill afford to be wrong.
If it becomes a discussion about parties, they're both wrong. If it's about the right person for the job, the choice is clear. The TRUE Obama legacy of hope and change is alive and well, and that torch is carried ONLY by only one presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.