Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Censure Mitch McConnell - Force Him to Resign

Mitch McConnell should be censured and removed from leadership for making false accusations against Elizabeth Warren during her reading of a letter on Jeff Sessions penned by civil rights legend Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. Martin Luther King.

McConnell's false accusation interrupted Warren's speech which was in opposition to the nomination of Jeff Sessions to the office of Secretary of State. McConnell not only besmirched the integrity of Ms Warren publicly, but by doing so besmirched and dishonored Ms. King herself and her opinion of Jeff Sessions. Mitch McConnell's fabrication and false accusation against Ms Warren, then misusing Congressional rules impugned and besmirched the integrity of Congress.

This was a blatant and partisan misuse of Congressional power by the Republican leader in an attempt to stop further opposition to the nomination of Jeff Sessions. America can not allow this thinly veiled character assassination of Ms Warren and the impugning of Ms King's relevance and opinion on Sessions to stand, and it certainly can not allow Mitch McConnell, who soiled the integrity of Congress by his action, to remain in a position of leadership. What he did and how he did it, was the lowest of Congressional lows I have ever witnessed in my entire life...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Difference Between Treason and Patriotism Is 12.5 Percent

Treason is no joking matter. Treason was a badge of honor given to patriots during our war of independence from Great Britain. a badge worn proudly by patriots fighting oppression and draconian government. Treason, giving impetus to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...Liberty at all costs.

I'm going to be generous here for the sake of perspective. Around 100,000 people died during America's war of independence. Let's assume for the sake of argument that every person who died during the our war of independence knew at least 1 other person (which will be relevant later on}. Let's also assume for the purpose of this exercise, a total involvement of about 200,000 people. A preponderance of research reveals the population of America in 1776 was approximately 2.5 Million people. The magic number is 12.5%. It only took 12.5% of the people to create America. 12.5% of the population forced a decision of what was right and wrong and what the people would no longer tolerate by government. 6.25% of America died for it.

It took eighty five years later for America to realize government wasn't the only thing wrong in America. 750,000 more Americans would die for believing no human had the right to own another human. Again, lets assume each person who died in the civil war knew at least 1 other person, bringing the total to 1.5 Million people. Being generous again with research data estimates, let's assume the population of America was 31.5 Million people in 1861. That means it only took 20% of America to again decide what was right and what was wrong for the country. 0.5% of America died for it.

Here we are in 2017, and as a stark contrast to events of the past, it only took 304 people or 0.000000931% of America to invalidate the popular vote, bringing into question again the validity, integrity, and authority of the status quo, the powers in charge, over the power of people to decide their own destiny. We the people stand warned and alarmed again in the face of oppression and we are prepared to prove again there is no place for it here in America. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Patriots one and all.