Friday, June 23, 2017

Health Care; The Bankrupting of a Nation

Dear America (and Congress),
Haven't they screwed around with health care long enough? Harry S friggen Truman had the right answer...But no! Health care in America was sold to the highest bidder, and they've been slowly but surely bankrupting America ever since. Hasn't America gone broke on health care long enough or fast enough for you?

If you are considering a solution other than universal health care, which is not universal for profit insurance, you're either woefully dimwitted or willfully blind and compromised. I'm going with the latter.

It's time to raise taxes on everyone a few percent to help pay for everyone's health care. Notice I said raise taxes on everyone to pay for everyone's health care. I don't want to hear you don't want to pay for this or that, or his or her health care because of your greed or your religion. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. We're Americans, health care belongs to everyone. Who are we to deny the right to health care, the right to survive illness to any American? We must be fair to all. We can not allow some to have health care and some not because of politics or bureaucracy.

Universal health care can only be achieved on a national basis. It must be implemented in every state of the union, unencumbered by layers of bureaucracy and without hesitation or hindrance. It is after all a matter of national security. We as a nation can not be truly secure if we as a people are unhealthy physically, or mentally.

Along with a slight increase in taxes, we must also initially appropriate and divert $400 Billion Dollars from the defense budget over 10 years, in the name of National Security, for start up and operating expenses. It's money we already have. We'll just be using it to help save American lives instead of spending it on weapons and bombs that we sell to and drop on other countries.

We need to improve the Medicare formula and expand on it. Negotiate for medication and required medical services but don't give the farm away. Only the vastness of the US government has the buying power to drive medical/health care costs down. It can't be done by the private sector because they operate on a for profit business model. If you don't believe me, then please explain how one can purchase a medication for $10 in another country, yet we in American, must pay an exorbitant amount for the same medication. That's just greed.

We need to break the chains of for profit health insurance and the greed in the pharmaceutical and medical industry in general, that have been holding this country slaves to stock markets, board room bonuses, and denial of claims. We need to let insurance companies do what they do best. Insure houses, cars, boats and air planes, that kind of stuff. They're good at that. But they've had their chance at insuring health care. They've been killing us with their health insurance business long enough. The end effect of their profits-over-life business model either kills or bankrupts their customers, or inflicts enough sorrw and grief to last them a life time.

Universal health care will eliminate the profits-over-life drivers of the medical industry from the mix. The quality of your health care and the relationship between doctor and patient will produce better results because it will be based directly on individual patient's needs and not by corporate bonuses or stock market ticks. The best part, the minimal tax increase will be less for everyone (notice I said everyone) than monthly insurance premiums. And, it will end the faux hand wringing of those we elected who don't care as much because we the people pay for their health care. And finally, for those die hard health insurance bean counters, if you're going to argue that coverage determines premiums, you already lost the argument.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Continue At Your Own Peril

America may never require another election in the foreseeable future. If this Republican death sentence known as the AHCA passes in it's present form, and people start realizing they've been had because they're going broke, they've lost access to health care, and folks are actually dying from it, I am loath to say I predict a very brutal and bloody insurrection.

If you back the poor and middle class into a corner, if you push people who have nothing left to lose to their limit, you better be prepared for the worst because it can't get any worse than insurrection.

So when we get there, and people start asking themselves how we got there, their answer will be Donald Trump and his Republican Congressional charlatans who have little concern for those who elected them. They may think they're safe in their castle on Capitol Hill, but I predict they will be the first to go. There will be no place to run or hide from the fate they wrought on themselves.

"A country born out of insurrection will do what is necessary to save the republic from pirates, blaggards, and robber barons disguised as patriots" ~ George Legeros

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our Elections and National Security

Today I listened intently to Jeh Johnson, the former United States Secretary of Homeland Security, testify on Capitol Hill relative to alleged Russian cyber intrusion, and it's effect on the 2016 elections. As someone who has held a security clearance, I am appalled by what I heard. Here's why. From everything I was able to understand, the operation of our elections by political parties that are private, non governmental organizations, has national security implications and therefore are a matter of national security. Yet, these private political parties are allowed to deny the plethora of agencies who's job it is to detect and combat cyber intrusions and to intervene where these types of confirmed breaches have occurred, and to provide assistance in stemming and/or eliminating such threats. I couldn't help but think about a TV commercial I'd recently seen about a security company that only provided security monitoring services to a bank, which only warned it's customers and employees that the bank was being robbed, but were not actually able to do anything about it. In fact, that is exactly what has apparently happened

If we are in agreement that fair, free, open, elections are the life blood of our Constitution and the fiber our our nation, they must remain untampered, and safe from fraud and cyber manipulation. Our election are a matter of national security. How then is it even possible that these private non governmental political organizations who have been entrusted with the election of the President of the United States are allowed to continue to operate when their 17 intelligence agency insist their systems are and have been compromised by a person or persons, who in all probability are actors of a foreign nation. Those agencies have concluded it was Russian...But for matters of national security we're going to have to take their word for it. The whole idea itself is ludicrous and certainly unacceptable. We don't allow any government official to operate in any manner that would put our national security in jeopardy, why should we allow anyone? Especially the compromised! It involves the highest position in government. Yep, that's national security right there.

If we are serious about the integrity of our election system, and we agree that our elections are a matter of national security, we can no longer continue to allow private, non governmental organizations, (political parties), the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of our election systems against cyber intrusion and/or manipulation. Normal civilian, nongovernmental protections and off the shelf software is inadequate. They do not have the requisite capabilities, nor the knowledge required to ensure the integrity of elections from a national security standard.

The fact that the political parties were approached by members of America's national security agencies, and they outright refused their assistance is unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue. The security of our elections is at stake. This is a monumental failure and one that Congress, the American people, and every alphabet agency tasked with national security should mandate a remedy to be immediately implemented to ensure these kind of activities cease . To allow this nonchalant approach to national security and election integrity to continue is tantamount to having a counter terrorist swat team surround a suspected terrorist strong hold, then pack up and leave because they heard a voice from inside say "there's nobody home".

Friday, June 16, 2017

Is America Politically Enfeebled?

There's just something about the mentally ill possessing firearms...It's bad enough everyday idiots have them but the mentally ill? Seriously? If there's a lesson to be learned from life, it has to be that people have been killing each other since the dawn of man for one reason or another. Isn't it time we at least make that harder for some? The notion that untenable government is responsible for one's suffering isn't a new one, and it's not unique to the United States. But when the obsessive political divisiveness and odious discourse of our elected, enfeebles a populous to the point of violence, it's time to take a hard look at the politics. Because if you allow the politically enfeebled the freedom to own a gun, they're going to shoot someone eventually.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Crisis Never Before Faced In This Nation's History

If the latest news reports are true, the untouchable has just been touched and everyone around him just got a tap on the shoulder from the long reach of Mueller's multi-jurisdictional net that is tightening around perhaps the biggest Constitutional challenge in generations.

What I'm not sure about is the Constitutional order of succession as a remedy under the current circumstances. There are 17 people in the order of succession to the office of president. Currently one of them is ineligible by reason of Constitutional citizenship requirements. If things keep going they way they are, every one of the 16 eligible successors to president may be a person of interest in Congressional hearings or found to be complicit,  and a defendant in federal criminal trials,

Therein is a Constitutional crisis that we have never faced in the entire history of our nation. If the Constitution has no workable remedy in this situation, we must rely on our wisdom and common sense, or we shall certainly perish as a nation. We can not in good conscience replace the corrupt with the corrupted.

I for one think we should hold immediate, new, open and fair elections, There must be independent oversight at every voter location by a federally appointed body OTHER than the political parties. There should be no association with political parties or surrogates, nor shall they have possession or access to ballots, balloting, vote counting or ballot transporting or storage, to ensure the integrity of the election. Additionally, the operation of the electoral college shall be suspended indefinitely. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Don't Care What You Feel Sir...

"We know these truths to be self evident." Others we're not so sure of. Purposeful murder is only permitted in war. There is no call to arms in America but we are in perilous times. Humanity is being challenged not only in America, but around the world. Is life that cheap a commodity? Diametrically opposed factions or wingnuts thereof, are making news. Apparently the blame for the alleged, politically motivated violence in Virginia is being placed on a three way tie between the right, the left, and that dirty commie Bernie Sanders. Personally, with what's happening in America, I'm only slightly surprised it hadn't happened sooner. Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, could you pass me a biscuit Martha?

On a side note, we've lost confidence in our government to do the right thing and we've got an economy whose Band-Aid is about to hemorrhage. People are shooting people. There is practically no one in Washington capable of a straight answer or telling the truth, and we still don't know for sure if it's collusion, perjury, obstruction of justice, the Russians, or Bueller. They just don't feel like telling us.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

What happens when the Constitutional remedy of the line of succession, becomes an attempt to replace the corrupt with the corrupted?

What has becoming increasingly apparent is that wanton corruption has deeply embedded itself into the very fabric of America. Once elections are held, an outgoing administration is replaced with the incoming president and their administration. Following the installment of a new president and administration, should there become a situation in which the president and their administration is deemed untenable and unworthy to continue, impeachment is the only remedy provided  by our Constitution. That in and of itself is a Constitutional crisis. But then a new crisis becomes alarmingly evident. The remedy of the line of succession. When the basis of impeachment flows through the very fabric of our government, our country, the impeached president, his cabinet, his appointees, and members of Congress who have blatantly and with purpose, acted to further the administration's agenda and ideology becomes tainted, there becomes a new crisis of epic consequences.

Succession, being our only Constitutional remedy for impeachment, will then become an attempt to fix corruption with the corrupt. This must not stand. The Constitution in its present form is ill equipped to handle such a crisis as the framers could not in a thousand years have predicted such a scenario would engulf a democracy. Americans should demand that a Constitutional Convention be convened to fix this blaring flaw in the guiding document of our democratic republic. Our Constitution should provide an option where by We the People, by one person, one vote, with no intervention of any body such as an electoral college, can enable a remedy which makes the election and the administration null and void, and by doing so, also makes null and void any actions, executive orders, or legislation created by, or on behalf of the administration in question.

This will provide an alternative remedy to the Constitutional line of succession. Additionally, this remedy must include a declaration for the installment of temporary government, to remain in power for no longer than 90 days, a temporary suspension of Congressional rules and processes where by all acts and legislation conducted shall be ruled by two thirds majority vote, and Congress will be required to remain in emergency session until immediate, new, statewide, fair and open primary and general elections is completed. This is in my opinion the only way to correct this flaw in our system and to reverse any and all actions, decisions, and damage that may have occurred under the reprobate president and administration.

What say ye?