Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dueling Politics - Clinton/Sanders Books and the Constitution

What all this tells me is that it was a mistake for Sanders to toss that "I" at the end of his name, replace it with a "D", and expect to be treated fairly by those that didn't consider him a "D", but wanted and needed his political following. It was especially deleterious to progressives, who were OK with the alphabet swap, only to have their hopes shattered by their candidate dropping out at the last minute and campaigning for the person who was by all progressives' account, THE reason Sanders was running in the first place. It became clear from the beginning that she wasn't for what Bernie was for. She pretty much had the "take it easy, I'm going to make this all right, please keep sending your dollars" attitude of the status quo. She constantly lamented "the country isn't ready' for this or that yet. The country needed her to be president and they didn't need or want that much change to happen quickly. The country didn't agree and look what happened.

It also tells me that if this chain of 2 party, status quo, plutocracy isn't broken by a strong 3rd or 4th political entity and soon, the United States is doomed to perpetual mediocrity and less than expected "incremental progress" both parties insist is what it takes for change to occur. Some things can no longer be waited for. America has waited too long for change that is not coming. It almost happened in 2016, but corrupt politics and the yearn for money and power overcame the campaign slogans. Couple that with lapse or absent enforcement and oversight, hacking, alleged collusion with foreign governments, add corruption within the political parties, and America is in real trouble. Maybe more so now than ever. The flaw seems to be in the language of the Constitution and is the key to ridding America of corrupt politics and government. The sad part is those benefiting from the corruption have no interest, and are under no obligation to change the Constitution if it negatively affects them. Notwithstanding, they are the only one's authorized by the Constitution to do so. It's perpetual corruption under the guise of constitutionality. OK all you constitutional scholars out there...have at it.

Assume The Position

I want someone in authority to tell me how jacking up the price of gas around the country in times of disaster benefits anyone but the suppliers of gas? I especially want an explanation of why this is happening to those who must buy gas to escape with their lives?

I also want you to explain to me how this is NOT price gouging? Any answer that uses "the markets" as an excuse isn't acceptable. The markets are not a defense for price gouging so I don't want to hear it.

What is it with you government people who are responsible to make sure these things just don't happen in America? We need to get rid of those who refuse to grasp reality of the pure greed that is occurring and those who would attempt to defend the indefensible of putting capitalism over humanity in times of crisis.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

congress - noun


[noun kong-gris; verb kuh n-gres, kuh ng-]

1. the national legislative body of the U.S., consisting of the Senate, or upper house, and the House of Representatives, or lower house, as a continuous institution.
2. worthless cocksuckers who should all be dragged to Gitmo.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We lost everything...Did you have flood insurance?...uhhhh

They allow you to live in flood zones for the money and lives everyone loses. Ultimately, a bank is involved somewhere. You can make cars, washing machines, or widgets, but you can't make land. The Army Corps of Engineers should update their 20 something year old flood maps. It is a matter of national security. Clay and concrete don't make for a good watershed and a lot has happened in the past 20 or 30 years. If you live in these flood zones, you need to understand that you either have to get flood insurance to do so, or suffer losing everything with no one but family to bail you out. If you live near your family, that itself may be tough to do considering what this is about. Business' especially should take this precaution.

Look, I'm not one for telling people they must buy any insurance, especially since I'm for Single Payer health care. But, all insurance isn't bad. It's risk management. I just don't think health care should be considered a risk nor run by anyone who think's it is.

The catastrophes endured in our ocean facing states is terrible and unimaginable. The first concern is savings lives. I don't think it's time for building an ark, but I also don't think people should remain stupid, especially after witnessing the possibility become terrible reality. I believe any structures built on property in a flood zone should be mandated to have and maintain flood insurance. The government can not continue to replace housing and personal belongings all because people don't have flood insurance. They can send you boats and helicopters to save your life. They can provide temporary food, water, and shelter, but they can not take over as the bearer of loss of personal property simply because you risked living in a flood zone without flood insurance. I know that may sound cold to some and probably too soon but, it will be something many will be facing in the very near future. Right now, all the government can do is to continue rescue efforts and provide basic survival necessities to victims. They should also create and convince all Americans to buy Emergency savings bonds to provide funding relief for natural or man made disasters such as those we're going through. Oh, and pipe down with all the saber rattling. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Hate You Bastards Because You Voted No For Emergency Funding...

I believe it should be illegal for Congress to create legislation that is not singular in intent. I believe Federal Catastrophic Emergency Funds to help Americans survive and recover from catastrophic events, should never include extraneous, non germane language not central to the original purpose of the legislation.

The horrendous ridicule of Congress is warranted. They bring it on themselves. There is no ethical or moral compass in how they ultimately operate. It's just a matter of who scratches who's back and when. It's right up there with criminal and perhaps subversive. Be it flood, hurricane, or other natural or man made disaster, it doesn't matter, that's how they are allowed to operate.

That being said, no Member of Congress should be made to vote on an emergency funding bill in which the immediate survival of American lives hang in the balance, which includes funding for non germane items. As an example, it means no funding for fisheries in Alaska when the original intent of the vote was to provide emergency funding to help victims of hurricane Sandy. Yes, apparently that actually happened.

It is unacceptable that Congress is allowed to operate in such a manner and is a main reason not much of anything meaningful is ever accomplished. Just as no member of Congress should be made to vote on such legislation, no member may create such legislation period. This should be a legislative standard for both the House and Senate. and a Constitutional amendment if required. Fix Congress!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Federal Emergency Funding for Catastrophic Crisis'

Dear America,
Every member of Congress who votes no, on Federal emergency funding for catastrophic emergencies in any state, should be dragged from office for dereliction of duty and being a traitor to their country. This is the United States. it's not their personal fiefdom. Members of Congress are supposed to do what is right and good for Americans, especially in times of emergencies and crisis'. The anti-America miscreants who vote no should not be voted out of office, they should be dragged out.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Racism, Hatred, and Humanity

Racism, hatred and humanity are all learned traits. We are not born with them, we are taught. What does that tell you about America?
1. Our education system sucks
2. Our Constitution is just one big loop hole ready to happen
3. Our government is compromised
4. All of the above