Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When "facts of life" Contradict Morality.

When the "facts of life" contradict morality, the real questions that should be asked are; who's doing the teaching and what the hell are they teaching? No one is born immoral, it's an acquired trait. The result of an emotionally fractured society of the morally deviant and sexual misfits who never out grew puberty. If we are society, then we allowed this conduct to proliferate for generations. From the "locker room talk" that either disgusts or entertains, to actual unacceptable misconduct by commoner and celebrity alike, that apparently only now, shocks our morality. The deviant escapades of the empowered maladjusted seems to have been the best kept secret of generations. But silence, continues to remain the best kept secret of the abused, the oppressed and the victimized. Each of us personally, mother, daughter, father, son, sister and brother, each of us must eventually decide whether we accept hypocrisy and turpitude, to be the moral standards of the society we are all a part of.

Monday, November 13, 2017

...the folly of indifference to impropriety.

History not only tells us where we've been, it may also predict where we're going. The last time we as a country were this politically divided, where middle ground ceased to exist because the issues were polar opposites, there was a civil war. We would do well to learn the lessons history teaches because America can ill afford the consequences of ignoring our past or the folly of indifference to impropriety.

Friday, November 3, 2017

America hit the Trifecta; How our government was overthrown without a single shot being fired.

This is the party that's calling for unity. This is the party that wants everyone to forget how they they screwed the people they took money from and screwed democracy and the Constitution in the same breath. A political party lead by people of dubious integrity and intent. A trifecta of deceit and corruption. If the Dem primary elections were not rigged, there is more than a good chance we'd have an old guy with glasses and white hair as President being Presidential. Putting into place a tax funded health care system for all Americans, giving kids an honest to God chance of making something of themselves by at LEAST providing a tax funded college education. People, even friggen Russia, "the red scourge of America", has provided their people a college education and have been doing so since before Khrushchev. (consult your history books) The point is, we probably wouldn't have some orange haired cretin, pulling off the biggest con in the planet's history. The overthrow of America without a single shot being fired.

If you take anything away from the 2016 elections IMO, it should be this; Our country and democracy was overthrown. Both political parties, Congress and the media, are complicit in one way or another. It wasn't done with armies or tanks. It wasn't done with fighter jets or battleships. It was done with the most powerful weapons on earth; the media, targeted propaganda and banks. Election reforms and critical legislation are sorely needed to close some loopholes, but this above all is most important to remember; No amount of Internet censorship or election reform, or Cyber/Homeland Security, can protect us from our own gullibility.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into"

It is quite repugnant to lean from virtually every media outlet on the planet, that both the Republican and Democratic political parties were infiltrated and/or aided by agents of foreign governments. This in itself should demand new elections be held, but impeachment of the President alone just won't cut it, the crisis is just that bad.

The entire administration and line of succession has been tainted. The repercussions of this devastating blow by the Russians to topple the United States will be felt for decades. Our next steps will be crucial, and we'll need heaping helpings of wisdom, honor and integrity, if we are to prevail. Sadly, it's exactly the lack of those qualities that got us into this mess in the first place. For America and our democracy to survive, this really can't happen again and we must do all that is required to make sure it doesn't. Political corruption begins at the source, the political parties and they can be found at the intersection of obscene money, special interests and repugnance. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cars kill people, will you ban them too? - A cowards cop out.

OK...let's try this one on for size. I'm a legal gun owner. But when the discussion goes to; "hey cars kill people everyday. Are you going to ban them too"...I just have to roll my eyes and cringe at the stupidity. Guns are made for the specific purpose of maiming and killing. They were not made to be paper weights and they weren't made for target practice. Target practice was invented to become proficient in using a gun accurately So lets just get that out of the way.

There are nuts in this world. That's just a cold reality of life, but we can't all become stupid just because we have a Constitution and a 2nd amendment. We may not be able to stop all of them but we may be able to reduce the frequency of these types of horrific and deadly events. Common sense and critical thinking must override anyone's sense of a Constitutional right to own stock piles of guns, or silencers or armor piercing bullets. It's all getting a bit absurd. And, there is a reason the government doesn't allow people to have fully automatic machine guns unless they are federally licensed fire arms dealers or law enforcement. It's called public safety and the good of the people.

So to think making adjustments, conversions, or additions to guns to make them operate as if the were fully automatic is OK without a good reason (and it better be because our shores have been invaded and they're shooting)...Most sane people I think would agree it isn't OK...(and don't get to keep them just in case)...

There is no innate right of the public to possess armament such as silencers, bazookas, armor piercing bullets, automatic weapons, military or military style weapons and devices designed for the soul purpose of killing and maiming. Again, that's what weapons were made for and it's in the public's best interests to restrict and deny if necessary access and availability to the public domain.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In my best "Jimmy Dugan" voice...There's no silencers in hunting!

There are no silencers in hunting you cowards. If you want silent hunting, try using a bow! Someone actually elected the idiots that wrote this legislation. If not, some idiots at the NRA wrote it, and gave it to the idiots who were elected. Either way, it's deadly wrong. The idea that silencers are manufactured, marketed and sold as a product to "protect the hearing of users" is absurd on it's face. There are ear plugs and other ear protection devices on the market now for that. No device, marketed as "hearing protection" or otherwise, should be allowed to be sold to the public, in which the hearing protection or a lowering of the decibel level of a fired weapon is the result of the weapon's projectile passing through a device affixed in any manner or form to the end of a weapon.

 Armor piercing bullets? You people watch too many movies. I will admit, it might be fun to have target practice on a nazi or isis vehicle...but that's about as far as it goes...start a a tank...get a federal firearms license and rent it out as a shooting gallery. Provide armor piercing bullets for realism, AND be accountable for every one of them. Because if you can not account for a single projectile, you will lose your federal firearms licence, forfeit all assets, and go to jail for not less than 20 years for the first offense. Exactly why the hell does anyone need armor piercing bullets? Because they can? Sorry, armor piercing bullets do not belong in the public domain and should be restricted to military and in certain emergency circumstances to the police. The fact that we have a Constitution with a 2nd amendment doesn't mean we must all now become stupid.

PS, I am a registered gun owner who is not a member of the NRA and I stand with other responsible gun owners against any bill this stupid. There are no special interests and there is no amount of money that makes this bill sane. To even think about bringing such a bill forward shows enfeeblement of mind and an unfitness for the office to which they were elected.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Damaged Psyche of a Broken Nation

This tragic event in Las Vegas is deplorable and brings to the forefront of discussion the reality of America's broken psyche. Almost daily we hear of tragic events occurring around the country. Our jails are full but the echos of pure evil go unheard. No place in this nation is immune. We suffer natural disaster, murder, poverty and worse, a government that is ill equipped to address the root causes of our plight. Our vanishing humanity, our gullibility, our anger and distrust of others, reinforced daily by massive media bombardments of breaking news containing dubious information whose relevance and credibility are just as dubious.

Congress has certainly exacerbated the issue. Political divisiveness, our lack of a national, comprehensive health care system that includes a mental health component, gun control or lack thereof, the poor, the jobless, the sick, there is much blame to go around. Our republic is crumbling because the scales of humanity have tilted and evil's ability to overcome good is at it's mightiest. Our own shores have become those teaming with wretched refuse and our nation grieves between wallowing in our shame.