Friday, August 18, 2017

Hitler or the Confederacy?

OK Hitler, or the Confederacy? Granted, Generals Lee and Jackson didn't send millions of Jews to the gas chambers, but they fought a bloody and deadly war in favor of an idea that one man could own another. Sadly, so many years after the civil war, race animosity in America has not subsided. It's a local issue, it's your next door neighbor, it's America.

In Germany they put a stop to that sh*t right then and there. The war was won. The judges listened to the Nazis defend themselves, then executed them. Because there are some things humanity will not tolerate nor should it. Estimates of over 80 million people died defeating the Nazi ideology of race supremacy, xenophobic hate and bigotry and unmentionable brutalities, so that it would never be tolerated anyplace in the world again.

The recent Charllotesville events are that Nazi ideology using the mask of Confederate "history and pride" to incite and create an environment condusive to their agenda. A resurgence of hate and race supremacy in America. Like they think they're going to show up in a city flying Nazi flags, carrying guns, and spewing hate, and someone's not going to get hurt? The authorities were imbeciles for issuing the permits in the first place. Statistical data should have been enough for them to know that it's was a bad idea and too big of a risk to public safety to allow it to happen.

None the less, what happened was purposeful and premeditated incitement. It's not a freedom of speech issue over hate speech. Even hate speech has been Constitutionally defended. However, pernicious speech that incites violence and results in murder, that's not a Constitutional issue, that's a criminal issue and has nothing to do with the Constitution or protected speech. Nazis "demonstrators" and white supremacists caused the murder of a young woman in Charllotesville and should be held criminally responsible.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What to do...What to do...I'm so confused....

As the question of Confederate monuments seems to be America's dysfunction d' jour, and may lead to armed insurrection, here's a novel idea. Stop the engagement of any high dollar contracted piece of military apparatus before it's manufactured. Better make it one that's around $500 million dollars. That's a chair on a jet right? Then, deploy units of the Army Corps of Engineers to remove, transfer, and place any and all Confederate monuments (that weren't in cemeteries) in a designated and secure area, until transfer to it's final resting place. What's good for America is good for government. So monuments on or near government grounds on Capitol Hill and statehouse grounds in every state have to go, all of them. Oh and one more thing. Let's not forget William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union General, and the one we named a tank after. He was one of the most brutal generals of the entire northern army, more so in times of war.

Then take what's left over and start a Congressionally funded construction of the National Confederate Museum. We have a museum that enshrines the holocaust so that those that perished, and the barbaric degenerate's that ordered the horror in which they perished, will never be forgotten. We might as well have one that commemorates the horrors of our nation's civil war between the north and south. A war in which families and brothers fought against each other. A war fought to destroy the idea that any man may own another.

OK, seriously, our country's going down the tubes. We have a president that's a spit away from impeachment and you're killing each other over statues of dead people? Exactly who the f*** do you think we are?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pernicious Incitement Is Not a Protected Freedom

We as Americans enjoy freedom of speech and other civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. But, nothing about Charlottesville was civil. Nor was it protected free speech. This was not peaceable assembly, nor a redress grievances by the aggrieved. This was pernicious incitement, by fanatics and anarchists disguised as a protected freedom. We can not allow replays of incidents like Germany's "Kristallnacht" anyplace in America. Humanity is witness to how that turned out. Do not let anyone twist the truth. Hate is hate, no matter what words are used to describe it.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are We As A Nation Worthy Of Humanity's Redemption?

We are deeply damaged as a nation. Honor, integrity, wisdom, and your word being your bond, bygone days before the defilement of politics and it's effects on our society. The smell is as bad as the disdain, and yet there are those who still think this will fix itself.

These are the times of crisis faced by our nation, which demanded Constitutional Conventions and amendments. Times when the Constitution was amended to provide a just and honorable remedy to a crisis of Nation. Such a crisis requires enduring wisdom and forethought, based in reason and critical thinking, to craft such amendments to ensure the reasons and events for which they were created in the first place, can never again come upon this nation.

But the long term damage and corruption is deep. There are precious few in Congress who will step up or down, unselfishly for the nation, without wanting something in return, even though it is their job. After all, why stop the buck when it goes into their own pockets? We must all ask ourselves; has the flame of democracy, and the honor and integrity of this nation been extinguished? Have we become the sum of all that we despise and fear?

Our next steps in the coming days will determine if honor, integrity, and wisdom still exist in this nation, or if we've become a fallacious political abomination, devoid of humanity, and compelled by power, greed, privilege and ubiquitous corruption. And finally, we must ask ourselves, are we as a nation worthy of humanity's redemption? We can ill afford to get this one wrong.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dear MSM,

Dear MSM,
We already know Trump's a rich imbecile who tweets. It's not breaking news. In fact, it's bullshit. Try multi-tasking, only this time try spending 85% of your time not on Trump. Speculation is not breaking news. It's not even regular news. Every day cable tv, broadcast TV, radio, and internet is filled with one continuous Trump-a-thon. It's misdirection to obfuscate what's really going on in this country. The rich are screwing the poor, the poor die in war, they die from lack of health care, they die because their skin color isn't the same as the racist's, the entire government is in the crapper, everybody and their mother wants to kill us, and you put this clown in front of us daily to distract everyone while it's happening...
Focus America.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

America's Civil War Continues

America's civil war continues.No lessons have been learned. No justice has been done and the people remain in peril caused by, or not prevented by, our own government. Wars, health care, taxes, jobs, civil rights, violence and the death of innocents in our streets. We've had the same grievances for the better part of 50 years, and for those same years our elected government has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye, choosing instead politics and self enrichment over the well being of the people every time. The charlatans and carpetbaggers who have managed to get themselves and keep themselves elected maintain change takes time. It's been their daily excuse for 50 years to conceal their theft of service to the American people. This same civil war and this aversion to changes we desperately need as a nation has been going on for far too long. If our government and the people of our nation can not reconcile these grievances soon, we will become a casualty of our own doing.

For Love of Country

"Let they be the patriots who honor country and flag over those who would pervert them for misdeed or personal gain. Let they be the patriots who will defend honor, integrity, and justice for all. Let they be the patriots whose ethics, word, and humanity can't be compromised. Let those be the patriots that lead this country America."