Thursday, June 14, 2018

Candidate to Collusion - How Trump Happened

By April, 2015, Vladimir Putin saw the perfect storm gathering in American politics and decided to seed the clouds. The man is no dummy. He was after all ex KGB, although much like ex Marines, they don't exist. He used his 'cold war' network and long perfected covert craft, to effect a perfect plan (apparently) to critically damage American democracy and throw its government and its people into chaos.

From all apparent accounts, his plan was fairly simple. The first part included the infiltration of both political parties and their candidate's campaign by agents of the Russian government and 3rd party associates for the purposes of extracting intelligence while offering support in the form of fabricated misinformation and other enticements to solidify the infiltration and 'compromat'. The human intelligence gathering did well until the obfuscation failed and their intentions and motives were exposed.

The second part of Putin's plan was to use America's own deep political divisions as a weapon against themselves. Putin was well versed on America politically. He understood that while there were only 2 parties, those parties were divided into thirds. His plan would rely on the widening divide between the left and right in each party to swallow the center. The larger political left/right divide would follow suit and swallow it's center as well. In truth, part of this plan had been in operation for decades, institutionally funding organizations covertly that were 'politically connected'. Again all while gathering political intelligence on hot button/3rd rail issues and buying influence into those circles and their network's politically connected circles. He knows how to work American politics.

The third part of his plan involved us, we the people. How we get our news, who we get if from, our likes and hates, our astuteness and our gullibility. He would use our own media to implement and weave his web of counter intelligence and misinformation, using our cable networks and multi-media, social platforms and Americans, both willing and unwilling as dupes. He was confident the cyber media operation he sanctioned would weaponize and use to his advantage the lunacy exhibited by the 17 or so Republican candidates and the alleged DNC election improprieties as well as the loud cries from the masses of unfairness towards the other Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.  Putin's intelligence gathering also gave him high confidence that the Clinton campaign and the DNC had damaged the Democratic left and the Republicans themselves had damaged their platform and the RNC, to the extent they were basically made moot entities. He privately gloats in Kremlin circles that his continued funding of his prized cyber intrusion operation into America's election system easily mitigated any risk of Clinton winning and Trump losing the election. He's especially proud that he did it utilizing our own 4th estate and our TV and cable multi-media social platforms, After all, he is ex KGB, he's had decads to control his own people and the people of other nations he's directed his aggression towards. 

There you have it. That's how it happened. Now...the race to remove the entire episode from the annals of American history. It's much too embarrassing to think about.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Trump's America - A Menace to the Entire World

Think Saddam Hussein, he knew he was finished. Yet in his wake, he left scorched and burning the very thing he valued the most, oil fields. Donald Trump is the American con man's dream. He too knew his days were numbered the second he raised his hand to be sworn in. He started scorching and burning his way through our government institutions over a year ago. From his family's security faux pas, the blatant disregard or just plain old lying on their security documents, to rumors of emoluments violations and Russian collusion involving himself, his family and members of his administration, Trump has managed to purposely appoint the best possible choices to run our government institutions into the ground. Recent history has shown he's just not that smart to be orchestrating this all by himself. I'm not sure at this point, but I'm confident if and when Trump is made to stand and answer for his deeds, he'll claim fake news or no collusion, but it's too late, the devastation will have already been done.

The facts remain, Donald Trump knows his days are numbered and his knee jerk frenzy exposes his guilt of conscious. With the 4th estate hanging on his every utterance, he's woven a web of lies to distract us from losing our position as global leader among nations, and forcing us to sacrifice our integrity and honor, to stand as the foolish naked emperor, against the onslaught of global isolationism and the ominous winds of war. America, we are way past Constitutional crisis. We've become a menace and a danger to the entire world.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

America's Ideological Divide Has Become Too Great To Span For Either Side Without Middle Ground ...

The ideological divide in America has become too great to span for either side without middle ground. Hard right and left factions of our political parties have removed any evidence of the existence of a middle ground, leaving a void for which there may be no remedy, no path forward, save dissolving and banning political parties, the reason for the impass.

They have all but destroyed this country and fanned the flames of the racial division, hate and murderous mayhem being inflicted on innocent people in America at this very moment for no reason other than they can. The Republicans have their scapegoat. They can easily blame this on our woefully inept, fascist leaning President Trump. But he is only a symptom, a figurehead of their destructive politics and agenda of division of the classes. Be that as it may, what is the Democrat's excuse? Other than "now is not the time for [insert progressive agenda they have no intention of supporting]"? They are so sure they know what's good and best for America, they don't even pretend to feign an interest, especially if it involves a decrease in their campaign coffers from special interest donors. Who needs outside enemies, when we have cretins such as these to deal with internally? Is there no viable political block of voters, and I don't care what they call themselves, to right the ship America?

Friday, February 16, 2018

This is not the time?

I'm a gun owner, but I have to tell you, members of Congress saying "this is not the time to talk about gun violence" should just get run over by a tractor trailer full of empty AR-15 shells. They won't do a thing until some whack-job rushes the doorway of their capitol hill offices...and that's a big maybe in itself.

Until then, schools and kids are easier targets for cowards who kill the innocent for no reason whatsoever. Congress is rife with cowardice in the face of truth and too morally bankrupt to respond. This is a solvable problem people! That those elected, continue to do the bidding of the donor gun lobby, bury their heads pleading ignorance and God, disregarding the safety and the lives of Americans, and the lives not only of those who were lost, but the families and survivors of such cowardly acts of murder is untenable.
"You worthless f'ing political hacks". <=== See this? This (among other things) is why I won't run for public office.

Friday, February 2, 2018

No one is above the law in America. Not even the President of the United States.

As President of the United States, if you betray your oath of office, you betray your country. That makes you a traitor. Be it for personal or family gain, espionage, or worse, being a willing participant, colluding with a foreign nation in a systemic effort to dismantle our government institutions and infrastructure, penetrate the nation's media networks and airwaves, engage in activities that produce floods of false and misleading information daily, reinforced by your public appearances and bombastic utterances of blatantly false statements and the follow up lies told by your string of Press Secretaries. You have looted the treasury of this nation and elicited members of Congress and industry to participate, making them complicit. Your "tax reform" is nothing more than embezzlement to finance the enrichment of the affluent and multinational corporate interests suborning your crimes at the peril of the poor and middle class America.

You, your administration, and those you have induced to carry out your agenda have inflicted profound mental stress and anguish on the people of this nation. As a result of your complete ineptness and unfitness for the job as President, your actions have denied health care to millions, prodded and encouraged Congress to dismantle historically legislated safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, vital to sustaining the American dream for many Americans who have retired after many years of successful employment, or have become ill and enfeebled by disease. These life sustaining programs which you and your lackey political zealots are attempting to take away are called entitlements, because people are entitled to them. They paid for them.

What is becoming apparent is that you're not smart enough to plan this by yourself. But you are stupid enough to be a willing participant in this "Break America Greatly" agenda of your benefactors. Those in Congress carrying your buckets of deceit are complicit and are scrambling from view and the light of day, but not before looting and savaging our institutions, further weakening America, making it vulnerable to our enemies and those who would do us harm, sowing distrust in this government's viability. Your "vision" for America is doing more harm than good. You hurt children, disparage citizens and immigrants alike. You lie to soldiers, Veterans and the public daily, and you do it so effortlessly and shamelessly. So much so, that it's easy to imagine you as a participant in an alternate, more sinister agenda of a foreign despot. No one is above the law in America. Not even the President of the United States.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Legislation Sovereignty and Statutory Authorship Act of 2018

I've often thought that the legislative process, specifically the creation of legislation was one of the main reasons for nothing, or very little, ever getting done in Congress that benefits the people of America and not some corporation's bottom line or some rich piggy bank somewhere. That being said, here's my idea to help that along...

Legislation Sovereignty and Statutory Authorship Act - 2018


1.) Ensure the sovereignty of the legislation, and statutory authorship is performed solely by Congress.

2.) Ensure any and all legislation, subsequent amendments and/or riders, shall be limited to the primary intent of the legislation, in order to facilitate a full and unambiguous understanding of the legislation by members of Congress and the people of the United States.

3) Provide authorship restrictions to ensure strict adherence to the provisions of this bill, and remedy for noncompliance.

Section 1 - Legislation Sovereignty and Authorship
A) Only Senators, Representatives, or their Congressional staff members may author any legislation. No corporation, agent, or lobbyist thereof may participate in any manner in the authorship of any legislation to include banking and financial legislation, regulations, and other statutory legislation as required by Congress. Industry and consultants may provide reference input, but may not participate in the actual authorship of the legislation.

B) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1 Paragraph A; Any United States citizen my submit to a member of Congress, any concepts and/or suggestions for legislation, so long as the author is:

i. Not in violation of the Hatch Act of 1939 or as amended.

ii. The originator/author of the concepts or suggestions is not an employee, agent, or lobbyist of any corporation, foreign or domestic, that is actively lobbying Congress, or seeking to do business with the Government of the United States in any manner.

C) Any person, corporation, agent or lobbyist thereof, found in violation of any provision, shall be found guilty of a High Crime, the punishment of which shall be not less than a mandatory minimum of 2 years imprisonment for each offense and Two Million Dollar fine for each occurrence. Additionally, any person and/or entity found to be complicit in such actions shall be found guilty of the above High Crime and suffer the same remedy in addition to being banned from doing any business whatsoever with the Government of the United States, it's Several States and Territories, for a period of not less than seven (7) years.

Section 2 - Limitation To Primary Intent
A) All legislation and subsequent amendments or riders, shall be limited to the primary intent of the legislation.

B) No extraneous additions whatsoever, and in any form, shall be allowed. All legislation shall be singular in intent, and additions that are not fully germane to the primary intent of the legislation shall not be included in the legislation.

C) Any legislation or part thereof which is non compliant to Section 2, A, or B, or deemed to have extraneous content shall be banned from being brought to the floor of the House or Senate.

D) No vote on any legislation whatsoever may be taken or called for until such corrections have been made to bring such legislation into compliance with Section 2, A and B.

Section 3 - Compliance and Remedy

A) Any member of Congress knowingly attempting to put forth any legislation that would undermine and/or cause catastrophic damage or peril to the government or the people of the United States, to include the economy, the full faith and credit of the United States, the military, or the health and well being of American citizens shall be immediately taken into custody by the chamber's Sergeant at Arms, and delivered directly to the Department of Justice, to stand for charge of High Crimes, and conspiracy to commit acts of Subversion against the Government and people of the United States of America.

B) Any person or entity giving aid in furtherance of said crime, whether monetary or otherwise, shall be guilty of the same crime, the remedy of which shall be as stated in Section 1 Paragraph C.

C) For the purpose of this legislation, Subversion shall be defined as: A systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system or process, by persons working from within or outside of the United States Government, also: the crime of committing acts in furtherance of such an attempt.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DACA, Immigration, Border Security and Congress - 21st Century American Kabuki

Here's a novel idea...
We all realize that if Congress does their job (creating legislation), and it becomes law, it may at some point face Constitutional challenges in court. Some members of Congress are lawyers and perhaps some may be "Constitutional" scholars, that being said, we all know much of the language in Congressional legislation is actually written and guided by third parties and Capitol Hill lobbyists.

Why not have the Supreme Court try their hand at creating a fair, comprehensive and Constitutional, immigration plan. After all, they are the ones who pass Constitutional judgement relative to judicial challenges to law. One might agree, whatever the Supreme Court Judges create, probably won't face many if any challenges later on. While DACA is in the forefront of importance because of a closing time window, immigration is so much more than DACA. Border security is important enough to be a separate issue. It shouldn't be a pawn in some Congressional negotiation, AKA Kabuki dance, on how to spend tax payer money. There is no necessity in compromise or negotiation relative to immigration and border security. It's not an either or issue. They are distinct and separate issues conjoined at the hip.

My suggestion would be to get DACA done and passed on a clean, straight forward and bipartisan bill, since window of opportunity is closing fast. Then notify all relative agencies of the DACA fix. Then, put the other issues in a hat and draw the next issue to tackle, then the next, then the next. Hey if drawing names out of film canisters in a hat passes for democracy in Virginia, then it's good enough for Congress. I'm sure they will find that taken separately, each bill will be stronger and probably enjoy stronger bipartisan participation and support. Congress, earn your lazy good for nothing bums...