Tuesday, May 9, 2017


FBI must have been getting too close. Trump fires Comey. It's time for our generals to command their units to storm the white house and congress to put an end to America's nightmare. Declare Marshal Law! Invalidate the 2016 election and everything subsequent. We must have new, fair, primary and general elections that are open and in which the outcome is not manipulated. The true will of the people. Down with fascism! SAVE AMERICA!

Republicans Push Fake News At Yates Hearing

If the spectacle Republicans put on in the Yates hearing on capitol hill yesterday is indicative of how things should be done, Watergate would have been fake news, and Woodward and Bernstein would have been labeled as foreign agents intent on damaging America...or unwilling dupes manipulated by [insert foreign country], because uncovering the damage is worse than the damage....Grow a pair America...it's time...