Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Naked Truth About Health Care In America

With all this "fake news", did you ever stop to wonder if we might have fake government? How is it that the US can sell billions of dollars worth of weapons, then set aside 500+ Billion dollars of tax payers money for military defense, yet they can't ensure every American has affordable health care? Does the world hate us that much that we spend so much on war? If the answer is yes, then what the hell have we done and why the hell did we do it? It's getting a little ridiculous over here.

That wasn't really the worst part. Our government, particularly the Republicans, if successful, will pass legislation that will strip health care from millions of people. They are doing it for 2 reasons. The most heinous is a tax break for the richest. The growing lower middle class, filled with the older and failing middle class will benefit little if any. But Republicans are OK with that. They're making $174K per year of tax payer's money, it won't affect them. They don't even try to disguise it. People will get very sick, some may die if their benefits and guarantees are cut by this legislation. Yet they persist with this tax breaks for the rich stuff.

The second reason is that they've been paid very handsomely to become willfully deaf and blind to any health care solutions which do not include the for profit health insurance industry. They're OK with the idea of allowing them to determine who may live or die from illness or injury based upon the sick or a relative's ability to pay insurance premiums which have more to do with advertising than actual health care. This profit-over-life business model has no place in humanity. It is fundamentally draconian and will force millions into destitution as the for profit health care industry squeezes the last dollar out of Americans or lets them die. This is the Republican answer to health care in America. Sadly, it appears many Democrats feel the same way. They just got to have affordable health insurance. When it's affordable health care they really need.

The ACA has been in place for what now, about 7 years? The Republicans claim that insurance premiums are going up because of ObamaCare. That's depends on who's getting rich. My memory isn't that short. Insurance premiums have been sky rocketing for decades, then they took a page from the canned soup industry, packaging less but charging more.  This didn't happen because of the Obama administration. On the contrary, This has been going on LONG before him. He only sought a solution. And he probably would have had a much better success had the mouth peace for the Republican carpetbaggers not blurted out how they were bound and determined to make him a 1 term president. Then proceeded to direct Republicans all over America to obstruct and hinder in every way possible, the crucial steps to full implementation of the ACA on a state wide basis. In hind sight, the Republican's anti Obama obsessiveness appears psychotic. Don't get me wrong, the ACA is no piece of cake. It was rather poorly thought out, but It was better than what we had. We always seem to settle.

If you missed any of that, here's the kicker. The ACA was responsible for getting millions more Americans sucked into the web of for profit health insurance at the risk of actual health care. It cemented into the fabric of America's health care system, the for profit health insurance industry's profit-over-life business driver. We've got to break up that cement.

I'm all for letting insurance companies do what they do best. Insure cars and truck, boats and homes. You know, that kind of stuff. But this, this has got to stop. They've been bankrupting us for decades and have been responsible for a lot of death along the way. Non profit, Medicare for all, universal health care, single payer, what ever you want to call it, is really America's last hope. Both political parties, the Republicans and Democrats, are receiving lobby money or favor from the for-profit health care industry and they are standing in the way of affordable health care. What our government is doing to the health and well being of the American people, is not the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the Constitution had in mind.

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