Saturday, July 15, 2017

ObamaCare is a failure. No, Republicans killed it. Now there's really only one solution.

I'd like to preface this by first saying that after decades of destroying bank accounts, defrauding government and tax payers, disregarding the well being of patients, and the advice of physicians, I think America has had enough of health care being doled out by the for profit health insurance industry. It's profit-over-life risk management, it's insurance, it's skyrocketing premiums, but don't call it health care.

Now on to why you may be reading this. Some say the Obama administration passed the most comprehensive health care legislation since Medicare and Medicaid. Some have quite a different story. For many, it all boils down to their ability to see a doctor when they need to without going broke or bankrupt. I have personal knowledge on this issue.

ObamaCare was an attempt to slow the out of control costs of health care in America. Since insurance companies were calling the shots, his logical step was to engage them. In his pocket if he could put it off, was a deal whereby every American would be required buy a health insurance policy if one wasn't provided by their employer.

The Republicans saw this as an attempt of a government take over of health care. They totally missed that it was really the for profit health insurance industry that was doing the taking over. That mattered not to Republicans as their mouthpiece blurted out over national television that their sole purpose would be to make Obama a one term president. Then began to obstruct in any manner possible any advancements and implementation of the legislation in every state in America. The thing is, there was so much in it that according to Nancy Pelosi, "we won't know what's in it until we pass it." Now that slogan has become the Republican's theme as they attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare without killing anyone and oh by the way, "the money they save" will go to the rich as a tax break.

ObamaCare relied on the expansion of the proven health care provisions of Medicare and Medicaid and expanded "health insurance markets". Insurance reneged. They couldn't create new or sustain existing markets without losing profits because now they were actually were forced to provide comprehensive health care. Something they should have already been doing.

So yes, in some places, ObamaCare is failing. Just ask states where Medicare and Medicaid were not expanded. Just ask the state who allowed insurance companies not to service their state and who did not file a federal class action suit on behalf of the people of their state, against the insurance industry. There was plenty of wrong doing and blame to go around. But the obstruction by Republicans allowed insurance to close markets and engage purposely in supply and demand manipulation of health care costs. As insurance profits skyrocketed, more Americans were getting insurance because of ObamaCare but for many, the costs became too prohibitive. And worse, they were fined if they didn't comply.

Nothing really changed. People aren't getting health care and going broke trying. It's why insurance premiums have been skyrocketing for decades, long before Obama was in office. Tragically Obama's misguided solution to lower health care costs was to trust the for profit health insurance industry when they were largely responsible for rising costs in the first place. President Obama was more successful helping the less fortunate receive critically needed health care than any President since LBJ. Tragically his other choice was single payer. It was a good idea. It was a great idea, it was the best idea for a national health care system. Affordable health care for every American in every state, and yet here we are. Being threatened with a vote that will deny 24 million Americans health care to support a tax break for the rich is unconscionable.

There were some good things about ObamaCare. No preexisting conditions, kids stayed on parent's policies and some expanded actual health care. But in their zeal to repeal and replace ObamaCare simply because it was a campaign promise of a disgraced party, it will place millions of Americans in peril.  Some may actually die because of it. There is a solution. But Congress on both sides of the aisle remain willfully blind. It will take the strength of conviction and the common sense of right and wrong to break the chains of the profit-over-life drivers of the health insurance industry. Those drivers should never have control over health care in America. Health insurance companies are paying handsomely to make sure it remains in control.

Our Constitution guarantees the right to life. That should include the health care required to sustain that life. Universal health care, Single Payer, Medicare for All, call it what you will, but it's the only solution we have left unless we want to keep getting killed by health insurance premiums.

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