Saturday, August 12, 2017

Are We As A Nation Worthy Of Humanity's Redemption?

We are deeply damaged as a nation. Honor, integrity, wisdom, and your word being your bond, bygone days before the defilement of politics and it's effects on our society. The smell is as bad as the disdain, and yet there are those who still think this will fix itself.

These are the times of crisis faced by our nation, which demanded Constitutional Conventions and amendments. Times when the Constitution was amended to provide a just and honorable remedy to a crisis of Nation. Such a crisis requires enduring wisdom and forethought, based in reason and critical thinking, to craft such amendments to ensure the reasons and events for which they were created in the first place, can never again come upon this nation.

But the long term damage and corruption is deep. There are precious few in Congress who will step up or down, unselfishly for the nation, without wanting something in return, even though it is their job. After all, why stop the buck when it goes into their own pockets? We must all ask ourselves; has the flame of democracy, and the honor and integrity of this nation been extinguished? Have we become the sum of all that we despise and fear?

Our next steps in the coming days will determine if honor, integrity, and wisdom still exist in this nation, or if we've become a fallacious political abomination, devoid of humanity, and compelled by power, greed, privilege and ubiquitous corruption. And finally, we must ask ourselves, are we as a nation worthy of humanity's redemption? We can ill afford to get this one wrong.

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