Friday, July 14, 2017

I'll have the Blue Plate Special

Fact: The 2 party system doesn't need us anymore. They have the electoral college. The DNC and GOP have evolved. Oh and by the way, thank you SCOTUS for allowing inanimate, lifeless objects a vote in democracy. The 2 party system now operates on big money from special interests and corporate "sponsorship's" on a global level. All kinds of money from everywhere. Congress gets their marching orders from those with the most money. Democracy by proxy, as a sea of strife and destitution swallows up the working class, the true backbone of America.
I guess the good news is that dollar in your hand, that's politics. That will buy you all the democracy you want. The bad news is, chances are if you're in the middle class, you can't afford it and it's pretty much all been bought up anyway. There's not much left to go around. We're too busy trying to spread it all around the world. America's Blue Plate Special is all out of democracy today, you'll have to settle for corrupt politics.

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