Friday, June 9, 2017

What Would You Have Asked Director Comey?

I would have asked Mr. Comey if while Director, was he aware of any attempts by any country other than Russia, to engage in cyber attacks designed to penetrate, influence, and/or manipulate our system of elections that extended to the level of political parties and their operatives and surrogates? If the answer is yes, we're in real trouble. The implications are that our system of elections has been compromised.

The "intelligence" gathered by those attacks by foreign actors has rendered it virtually obsolete and dangerously compromised and broken. The IT breaches are one thing, but the primary and secondary payloads of the attack are more dangerous because it was a concerted effort to prosecute a psychological operation against Americans, it's 4th estate, and the one of the prime means by which many Americans form "educated" decisions, the media.

When one considers the report by the US Intelligence Operations in it's entirely, the magnitude and content of these attacks against the fabric of our nation, and the total effect they had on the 2016 election, couple that with multiple reports from around the country of primary election improprieties perpetrated by the DNC, the only remedy that comes to my mind is the elections should be declared null and void, voiding the entire administration and any actions effected by the administration. When considering the implication of a null and voided election, the Constitutional remedy of succession is not in this case adequate, because the founding fathers could not have imagined such a sequence of events that would taint an entire administration. New, fair, and immediate elections is the only remedy. It is my opinion that until this happens, we will have an illegitimate president, and an entire administration, operating against the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

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