Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Crisis Never Before Faced In This Nation's History

If the latest news reports are true, the untouchable has just been touched and everyone around him just got a tap on the shoulder from the long reach of Mueller's multi-jurisdictional net that is tightening around perhaps the biggest Constitutional challenge in generations.

What I'm not sure about is the Constitutional order of succession as a remedy under the current circumstances. There are 17 people in the order of succession to the office of president. Currently one of them is ineligible by reason of Constitutional citizenship requirements. If things keep going they way they are, every one of the 16 eligible successors to president may be a person of interest in Congressional hearings or found to be complicit,  and a defendant in federal criminal trials,

Therein is a Constitutional crisis that we have never faced in the entire history of our nation. If the Constitution has no workable remedy in this situation, we must rely on our wisdom and common sense, or we shall certainly perish as a nation. We can not in good conscience replace the corrupt with the corrupted.

I for one think we should hold immediate, new, open and fair elections, There must be independent oversight at every voter location by a federally appointed body OTHER than the political parties. There should be no association with political parties or surrogates, nor shall they have possession or access to ballots, balloting, vote counting or ballot transporting or storage, to ensure the integrity of the election. Additionally, the operation of the electoral college shall be suspended indefinitely. 


  1. Don't agree that the electoral college should be suspended. I'm damned if California and NY decide every president. And live in California where I moved from NY.

  2. You missed the point ENTIRELY. It won't matter where you live if one person, one vote is the standard. No party intrusion means just that. There will be NO "delegates" to steal or manipulate your vote. I can't be any clearer than that.