Sunday, June 11, 2017

What happens when the Constitutional remedy of the line of succession, becomes an attempt to replace the corrupt with the corrupted?

What has been becoming increasingly apparent is that wanton corruption has deeply embedded itself and has compromised the very fabric of America's political system. Once elections are held, an outgoing administration is replaced with the incoming president and his or her administration. (although "her" has yet to happen) Following the installment of a new president and administration, should there become a situation in which the president and those appointed  or confirmed to office during his term, are deemed untenable and unworthy to continue, impeachment is the only remedy provided by our Constitution. That, in and of itself is a Constitutional crisis. But then a new crisis becomes alarmingly evident. The remedy of the line of succession. When the basis of impeachment flows through the very fabric of our government, the impeached president, his cabinet and appointees, and members of Congress who have blatantly and with purpose, acted to further the administration's agenda and ideology becomes tainted, there becomes a new crisis of epic consequences.

Succession, being our only Constitutional remedy for impeachment, will then become an attempt to fix corruption with the corrupt. This must not stand. The Constitution in its present form is ill equipped to handle such a crisis as the framers could not in a thousand years have predicted such a scenario would engulf a democracy. Americans should demand that a Constitutional Convention be convened to fix this blaring flaw in the guiding document of our democratic republic. Our Constitution should provide an option where by We the People, by one person, one vote, with no intervention of any body such as an electoral college, can enable a remedy which makes the election and the administration null and void, and by doing so, also makes null and void any actions, executive orders, or legislation created by, or on behalf of the administration in question.

This will provide an alternative remedy to the Constitutional line of succession. Additionally, this remedy must include a declaration for the installment of temporary government, to remain in power for no longer than 90 days, a temporary suspension of Congressional rules and processes where by all acts and legislation conducted shall be ruled by two thirds majority vote, and Congress will be required to remain in emergency session until immediate, new, statewide, fair and open primary and general elections are completed. This is in my opinion the only way to correct this flaw in our system and to reverse any and all actions, decisions, and damage that may have occurred under the reprobate president and administration.

What say ye?

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