Friday, June 2, 2017

All Bets May Be Off...

I'm an old man. Retired, disabled, and a veteran. Sometimes I'm lewd, and sometimes crude, but I always speak my mind, and I suffer no douche bags. The only thing I'm sure of is that I know right from wrong and what's going on with this Trump administration is wrong. Every second this presidency and administration is allowed to continue, plunges America deeper in what may very well be an unrecoverable spiral into irrelevance. From the leader of the entire free world to a disgraceful, fascist, banana republic, which the entire world now holds in disgust and disdain, and all within 6 months of the election. We've witnessed first hand a reportedly rigged and manipulated election with untenable rumors of corruption, violence, and foreign government interference. We've also witnessed the inability of those we elected and those they appointed, to get to the bottom of it. In fact, a reasonable person would conclude they're intentionally dragging their feet, looking the other way, hoping no one would notice. Guess what? We noticed!

There is only so much Americans can tolerate. This administration was never suited for the task of running the country that was once the leader of the entire free world. And, there is no doubt we've alienated every major country in the world except one...and $10 bucks says they're playing us. Their president was KGB, ours is an ASS and no match for him, and this administration is well on it's way to alienating the majority of it's own people from the goodly amount of daily lunacy and rumors of wrong doing pouring out of the White House. Once that happens, all bets are off as to what happens next, or if America will survive as a nation. Even Las Vegas won't hold the paper on that bet.

That being said, and what is particularly troubling, is that Congress continues to prove it's only interested in self enrichment and reelection, country be damned. And they're using this Constitutional crisis as a smoke screen to continue the dismantling of middle class, it's safety nets, and the deregulation of financial institutions which continue to rip off the people, all while circle jerking Americans out of their hard earned tax dollars to pay for war and tax breaks for the rich. And don't get me started on the legal bribery and "emoluments" in the form of special interest lobby money flooding Congress.

Any way you look at it, this is not our daddy's America...well except for the religious and partisan whack jobs, and the violent, racist motherf*ckers that continue to live life abundantly from trailer park to shining trailer park, in a country that couldn't find it's own ass in the dark with two hands and a flashlight. We've been had America...

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