Thursday, June 1, 2017

As A Veteran, I'm Loath To Say We No Longer Deserve A Country

I'm guessing it's gonna take Trump breaking the glass at the National Archives and burning the Constitution before America finally wakes up and removes this traitorous stain on America and drags him and his entire traitorous and subversive administration to Gitmo. But who's got the stones to do it? FBI? Nope...DOJ? Don't think so...Our military? Fat chance. If we don't act fast, Russian troops will be guarding the White House and rolling down the streets of our cities. 

Apparently, we really are a country of fucking sheep, so much so, I now truly believe we don't deserve a country. We elected an imbecile, a fascist, and a puppet of Russia and Putin's personal nut sack huger. If the majority of America can't see this, we have no shot, and we're already dead as a country....I'm sad to say that I'm almost glad I have cancer, because as a veteran who served his country at a time the wars were fought in jungles and rice paddies, I don't want to live to see this shit happen to my country. The country I served honorably and swore to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I'm pretty sure if we don't stop Trump and his minions, it will happen and again as a veteran, I'm ashamed of what my country has become.

Wake up America...Wake up NATO...Wake up Europe...Wake up WORLD...Save the planet from this fascist stain on humanity and piece of crap government he created...Don't like what you just read?...Sorry...I have no more fucks to give and I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to anyone anymore...

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