Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Will America and Her Allies Endure such Historic and Monumental Failure?

I'm not going to attempt to rehash the actual chain of events relative to the massacre in Benghazi. My only comment on that subject is that it was a monumental failure of the Pentagon, the White House, and the assemblage of government and private sector agencies tasked with theater operational security and keeping the lives of our embassy support staff safe.

Now on to the situation at hand. Once upon a time there were 2 private organizations that for decades upon decades, have been mustering candidates (apparently from anywhere and everywhere) for which the people will vote for the president of the most powerful country in the world. Two organizations, that both failed miserably at actually vetting the candidates they put forward for suitability of office. Now comes the juicy part. Russia, (probably along with every other Tom, Dick, and Yuri) decides to engage in "Cyber warfare" to disrupt America's elections. How did they do it? There was only one way. Russia found the weakest links in our Democracy, our government, and our system of elections. Our political parties. Make no mistake. Russia didn't act alone. We helped. We left the gates wide open for them, and in some cases, we gave them the keys to the entire house.

FBI, and US Intelligence officials have publicly stated that after reviewing the evidence, both the RNC and DNC were hacked, and they were hacked by Russian State and possibly other operatives working simultaneously to overload our media and our national communications networks with misinformation, and documents retrieved surreptitiously and maliciously, by means of wire fraud (Cyber fraud) to influence US Elections.

Apparently now, the FBI and US Intelligence officials have proof that those we intended to elect, failed us before they've even been elected. This entire cyber warfare attack by Russia and other "cyber operatives" from around the world, the hacking of servers and emails, is all the direct result of complete Internet and data security ineptness of the political parties, and/or violations of classified information handling protocols by people "digitally" connected to those servers. Think about it just for a minute. It's not the rocket science they would have you believe. While you're at it, think about the damning information that was hacked and released for public consumption. The information contained in those hacks was in my opinion, far worse than for example, the Hillary Clinton "smoke and mirrors" story of naivety, cluelessness, and Internet ineptness, FBI Director Comey related in sworn testimony before Congress.

America is in chaos, run a muck with rumors of subversion, treason, and allegations of other wrong doing by both candidates and members of their team, and facts relative to the propriety of corporate collusion with foreign states and their operatives. The ruthlessness of both political parties, and the lows to which they will stoop to get their candidates elected is untenable. And now revealed for all America and the world to see, a damaged and corrupted political process, something that should be repugnant to every American. Ironic isn't it? That those in which we put so much faith in to know better....don't.

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