Thursday, March 9, 2017

Block Granting Health Care to the States is an Abdication of Congress's Constitutional Responsibility to Promote the Welfare" of the People.

Republicans want to block grant their responsibility to the states to change health care in America. A VERY bad move. Let's for the sake of argument say there are 5 of the biggest for profit health insurance providers participating in this "block grant" health care system. There are 50 disparate states who must negotiate with 5 different for profit insurance companies. Business 101 says the more densely populated states will get better deals. That's how for profit health insurance policies are currently sold in America, and there's a bunch of restrictions to go along with them. The ACA mandated the insurance companies provide a minimum coverage to all Americans (their policy holders) as well as doing away with preexisting conditions.

What Republicans fail to grip is that there are economies of scale that will be lost once 50 disparate states are forced to fend for themselves against the crippling grip of the loosely regulated health insurance industry. A task most certain to fail, and the strangle hold on health care in America will remain. I ask you...Why would anyone think it was a good idea to negotiate insurance rates on a state's population when the entire US population will get a better deal?

The health insurance industry profited greatly from the ACA because it forced Americans to buy health insurance from them. Obama's ACA created a market for the insurance industry, and like most mega, for profit, corporate entities, what they're supposed to do comes in a far second,or third, to profits for their share holders. It was basically a gift that cemented the for profit insurance industry into America's health care system for decades to come.

This whole block grant thing is yet another example of how our federally elected officials abdicate their Constitutional responsibilities of promoting "the general welfare" of the people to someone other than the federal government. Their pockets are full from the insurance industry lobby money. It's appalling the lengths they will go to push off the hard things and get rich from it. Hell, they did the same thing in 1913 when they pushed their Constitutional responsibility for monetary control to a non governmental banking consortium known forever as the Federal Reserve.

This is what elected officials are supposed to do! We pay you to do your Constitutional duty. Your duty is to the people not the corporations that line your pockets. We will not just sit back and pay salaries and benefits of the elected while they shirk their responsibilities. The federal government must negotiate for every American's health care! The entire insured populous of America, in every state, the same rate. Either that, or scrap the whole idea of for profit insurance and go to Single Payer, Medicare for all.

The Republican plan for block granting health care simply won't work and will cost middle class tax payers much more, their quality of care will degrade, their stress will increase, and the rich will get their tax breaks. Republicans will throw the American people under the bus because that was their party's mantra for the past 8 years. REPEAL OBAMA CARE! They tried over 50 times to repeal the ACA with NO PLANS for replacing it with something at least as good or better. I'm telling you, these people are very lucky the American people have turned into sheep easily led to the slaughter. Otherwise, there'd be a bunch of tar and feathering going on...

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