Wednesday, April 26, 2017

For Profit Health Insurance Wants Your Money And Your Life...

The so called "Freedom Caucus" pushing a rewrite of the death decree of American Health Care, the AHCA, Donald Trumps idea of how health care should be administered in the greatest country on earth. His plan? Go ahead, let them die, but they gotta pay for it. The biggest winner isn't America, it's big, for profit, health insurance.
I would caution them. At this point many Americans pretty much have nothing left to lose except the empty promises of bought and paid for politicians. More than half the country thinks the election was rigged and the other half think Russia did it. So when the people see politicians in State houses and Congress working in concert with the for profit health care industry, in this case for profit health Insurance, in a relationship that can only be described as incestuous from the obscene amounts of lobby money "exchanging hands"....there is only one conclusion. We're being had.
Again, I caution you America. Health care is a right. You will fan the flames of civil war when you try to collect a bounty for our rights. The last time our government dared the people to start shooting over their rights, it wasn't pretty. Don't make health care be the spark to the next "shot heard round the world". Donald Trump's AHCA in it's present form will decimate what's left of actual health care for millions of Americans. It's a poli-corporate suckers game of money and favor much like three card Monte. Yet another nail in the coffin of the middle class to pay for tax breaks for the rich, enhanced corporate profits, and more lobby money to influence legislation to allow the industry to squeeze the last dime out of Americans while providing one step above worthless, health insurance policies. Single Payer/Medicare for All is the only remedy to break this shackle of death by deceit. We have the right to life. It says so in the Constitution. The for profit health insurance industry wants your money and your life. That's a price America is not willing to pay. to pay.

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  1. Great piece and one which every American should read. Bravo!