Thursday, March 16, 2017

Humanity Demands the Pen Must Remain Mightier than the Sword

America, we were outraged when we heard ISIS was destroying antiquities of eons and historic relevance. Are we not outraged that the Trump administration has set into motion the dismantling and destruction of the public archiving of the arts and humanity of America, and the means by which we the people have public access to them. The viewer driven, non-commercial laden, public broadcast systems that dot the nation, keeping people up to date on America and the world.

What's next CSPAN? The Trump administration's cutting of the funding for the arts and humanities, and the most prolific means by which they are made public and accessible, is akin to going back into the pre-cold war historic darkness. How is this not the same as ISIS? How is this not the same as Nazi's burning books in the 1930's and 40's. No!...America is, and must be better than this! We must stand against the Trump administration's systematic eradication of access, and ultimately, the ability of the public to archive America's creativity and historic relevance. We must learn the lessons of history and stand strong in defiance of the iniquitous of eras past. Humanity demands it.

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