Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Explain to me again why higher tariffs on imports or on American brand products manufactured off shore then brought back into the country is a bad thing? If your stance is that countries that we impose tariffs upon will retaliate with higher tariffs of their own, I would argue that would be a valid point if we actually made stuff and exported it. That cow just doesn't fly. The holy trinity of corporate influence, government, and a lot of money, has transformed America from a self sufficient, self reliant country into one of total dependence on imports. All in the name of corporate profits and personal gain. All by the peril of America's working class. The ones who actually do make America great.

We're going to need some powerful medicine to cure America's manufacturing and export ills. The working class will again have to pull their belts tighter and endure more hardships as America "cold turkeys" off of total reliance on imports in almost every walk of life.If you're an American company that can but won't make products here in America but still reap all the benefits of being an American company, if you're tariff'd enough, you'll change your mind, or someone will start making those products here in the void created by those high import tariffs. That's only one way America will stop the hemorrhaging of jobs going off shore and start creating good, high paying jobs, with benefits that we used to enjoy like health care and a stable pension.. We have at our disposal many ways to kill this country destroying virus of corporate greed. All will require the equivalent disdain of drinking a gallon of castor oil daily for years. But by doing so, we will get better and stronger as a nation.

John Q. Publik

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