Saturday, January 14, 2017

When Repeal and Replace Means Subvert and Destroy

Millions upon millions, upon millions of dollars are spent electing people who once in office become compromised. Their primary mission changes from doing the work of the people to getting reelected. They only work 115 days a year. Some make well over $174K per year, yet people in places like Flint, MI can't drink the water because it's poisoned. The people we elect to help form a more perfect union, the reason we're a country at all, have failed miserably. In fact they've done just the opposite. They've torn this country apart. The very fabric of this nation is soaked in the blood of political vitriol, hate, and distrust. Our enemies are foaming at the mouth because they believe American democracy is on the precipice of collapse and they may not be wrong.

We elect people whose job it is to ensure domestic tranquility. Have you looked outside your window or read the news lately? Crime, hunger, homelessness, corruption and the distrust of our own government, it’s clear our government is ineffective and do not act in our best interests, but rather, in the interests of moneyed special interests. On domestic tranquility, they are a monumental failure.

Instead of promoting the general welfare of the people, Congress just completed the first steps to strip critical health care protections from 150 MILLION Americans, in addition to over 22 MILLION people who will lose their health care all together. We simply can not allow this to stand. We must stop this blatant assault and disregard for the welfare of middle class America and the poor. This may well become the war that will bring down America. A war for the survival of citizens against a government that both ignores and exacerbates their plight. The lure of special interest monies and the power of the for profit insurance industry is too great an interest for Congress to ignore.After all, the poor don't pay campaign and election costs, the lobbyists do. The poor just elect them.

Congress has fired the second shot heard round the world across the bough of the American people. Those who would seek to destroy our nation, our lives, and destroy our Constitutional guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for personal or political gain, will open their war chests and their coffers. They will enlist the help of minions to manipulate and leverage multinational corporations and they will use any tactic and any form of subterfuge to achieve their goal of government by oppression.


John Q.

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