Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Truth, However Distasteful, Can No Longer Be Ignored

Congress has spent millions of dollars and years investigating Hillary Clinton's culpability in the attack of our embassy in Benghazi by radical Islamic terrorists. What was ultimately exposed was a partisan attempt to damage Ms Clinton with nothing more than lies and innuendo. Sadly, her own testimony before Congress did little to help her, and in fact raised more questions about her actions both prior to and subsequent to the embassy attack.

The State Department has now concluded it's own investigation of Ms. Clinton. They found that she mishandled, and deleted emails in direct violation of rules and regulations regarding the handling of classified materials, and most egregious is the fact that doing so, she violated sections of the Espionage Act. The one thing no one counted on was the Wiki release of Clinton emails heretofore unknown to the Congressional investigations and thought to have been deleted. One in particular, included in this post, is devastating to her case. If this leaked email can be authenticated/corroborated, it is proof Ms Clinton conspired with others to circumvent laws relative to handling of classified materials.

Ms Clinton, in black and white, recommends to others that the electronic headers of classified emails be removed, and transmitted in order to conceal and obfuscate their classification status, which is a direct violation of specific sections of the Espionage Act. This act alone should disqualify her from ever holding any elected office, especially the office of the President as it is proof she was a willing participant in a conspiracy to circumvent specific rules governing the possession and transmission of classified materials.

It's time for the Department of Justice to step in and implement her removal as a candidate in the Presidential race. Failure to do so will cause irreparable damage to the country. To not act now before the Democratic convention would be an affront to democracy and the integrity of our system of elections.

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