Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NAFTA/TPP Good for Multi-National Corporate Interests Bad for America

NAFTA was the first systemic blow to America's self-sustainability. It opened the door to unfettered off shore manufacturing by American corporations without regard to consequences. It ultimately led to the closings of manufacturing plants across America and the loss of millions of jobs. Alas, military service was on the increase, but not enough to mitigate the damage to the job market and the economy caused by corporate off shore manufacturing. The result? Millions of Americans without income, struggling in panic to support their families, while corporate and Wall Street profits skyrocketed.

America really never recovered as millions more suffered job losses. Jobs that were manufacturing's operational infrastructure were no longer needed. More collateral damage to a weakened job market and economy. The effect of outsourcing American manufacturing to off shore facilities continued to stifle recovery and economic growth as it's damage rippled through other job sectors. The backbone of America continued to decay and rust, just as it's bridges, roadways, and rail lines. America, caught up in wars, poverty, hunger and homelessness, struggles for their very lives.

Shortly following the signing of NAFTA, powerful voices in corporate America convince Bill Clinton and Congress to repeal the Glass Steagall Act, dealing yet another systemic blow to America's now mortally wounded economy. It allowed banks and Wall Street to go unregulated which ultimately resulted in the crash of the economy in 2008. Millions lost their life savings, their jobs, and their homes. Corporate America sold American's jobs to the lowest offshore bidder and our government provided incentives for them to do so. America's self-sustainability was decimated and we became perilously reliant on imports.

The opportunity for America to recover and reclaim it's self sustainability will disappear with the signing of the TPP. It will thwart the return of manufacturing to America permanently. The provisions of the trade deal are specific and conducive to the continued off shoring of American jobs and businesses. and will result in the loss of our right as a nation to invoke sovereignty as defense and for redress against breach of agreement made by other signatory nations. America should never be left in such a legally perilous position.

What's left of the American middle class knows where they are after 22 years of struggle since NAFTA and the repeal of Glass Steagall. But the struggle for the survival of America's middle class will continue long after those of you reading this are gone, if the United States becomes a signatory to the TPP. This is a good deal for corporate interests, but a bad deal for America and the American middle class.

~John Q Publik

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