Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We are living in trying times. Our votes don't matter and our Constitutionally guaranteed right to redress of grievances falls on deaf and partisan ears. The immutable honor and integrity of our elected officials, and those tasked with our nation's most vital affairs have been soiled by the appearances of impropriety. We the People, have lost control of our country and our government. Justice, national security, common defense, domestic tranquility, and the general welfare of our nation are at stake. Political corruption begins at the source, politicians. If our country is to endure, we must revise our Constitution so that it may continue to remain relevant into the 21st century and beyond. We the people must demand Congress hold a Constitutional Convention to compile proposed changes, and we must hold their feet to the fire like we have never done before, to ensure those changes span all three branches of government. We must demand public input and demand Congress work in conjunction with We the People. We must also demand those changes be put on a national ballot to be voted on in Special Elections in 2020. Our voices must be heard and we can not allow partisan politics nor special interests to deprive us of the Constitutional amendments desperately needed to save our republic. It will require the brilliance, forethought and vigilance of our best and brightest citizens to work in conjunction with Congress to ensure it's completion, and appears on a national ballot by our next general election in 2020. It is a task that should not be taken lightly, but one that we must undertake. The stakes are too high. The ill winds of derision blowing across this nation must be addressed at the source, the Constitution. First and foremost, my suggestion would be to Constitutionally address our 2 party political system, and the systemic political corruption that exists within. We need specific language to address both political corruption and monies collected to fund politicians, as well as specific language to stop the incestuous influence of political lobbyists. I personally would like to see public financing of all elected officials. Perhaps a check box on an income tax return, capping political contributions at no more than $10. Additionally, I would make illegal all PACs. They will no longer be required with public financing of elections. I would also suggest that our advancement in voting technologies have made the electoral college moot. It should be disassembled and abolished. I'm sure there are many Americans with minds more brilliant than mine, who have ideas for proposed Constitutional amendments. I believe the journey to a better America begins with the first step, a Constitutional Convention. Government is supposed to work for us, not against us, or in spite of us.

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