Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Censure Mitch McConnell - Force Him to Resign

Mitch McConnell should be censured and removed from leadership for making false accusations against Elizabeth Warren during her reading of a letter on Jeff Sessions penned by civil rights legend Coretta Scott King, wife of Dr. Martin Luther King.

McConnell's false accusation interrupted Warren's speech which was in opposition to the nomination of Jeff Sessions to the office of Secretary of State. McConnell not only besmirched the integrity of Ms Warren publicly, but by doing so besmirched and dishonored Ms. King herself and her opinion of Jeff Sessions. Mitch McConnell's fabrication and false accusation against Ms Warren, then misusing Congressional rules impugned and besmirched the integrity of Congress.

This was a blatant and partisan misuse of Congressional power by the Republican leader in an attempt to stop further opposition to the nomination of Jeff Sessions. America can not allow this thinly veiled character assassination of Ms Warren and the impugning of Ms King's relevance and opinion on Sessions to stand, and it certainly can not allow Mitch McConnell, who soiled the integrity of Congress by his action, to remain in a position of leadership. What he did and how he did it, was the lowest of Congressional lows I have ever witnessed in my entire life...

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