Sunday, February 1, 2015

America's Most Important Struggle Since Our Declaration of Independence From England

Whether you choose to believe it or not, in the year 2015, America faces it’s biggest challenge since gaining independence from England. The patriotic forefathers of this great nation came together at great peril to their very survival and forged a document based on the ideas of freedom, dignity, and self determination. For years they toiled under the brutality of the government of England. A government that imposed the unyielding will of the King on the colonies. These patriots knew that if they lost their struggle to rid themselves of this brutal tyranny, all would be lost.

Today America faces the same challenge. Not from a King, but rather from it’s own government. Today, our elected officials have willfully forgotten that they represent the people who elected them to office. Representatives, who line their own pockets with money from corporations and special interest groups that demand a quid pro quo return on their “investments”.

Everyday, the American middle class, the people who built this great nation with blood, sweat, and tears, struggle to survive the hardships and indignities brought upon them by their elected officials, whose only concern is to do the bidding of those able to pay a great deal of money for it, because their salaries and perks, that they voted for themselves, from tax payer monies, are apparently no longer sufficient.

Poverty, greed, a toxic environment, toxic food, racism, marginalization of immigrants, and a monetary system rife with unfairness and criminality. Things that should have disappeared from this country long ago, yet remain today. The problems America faces are ones faced by our forefathers over 200 years ago. For the most part, nothing has changed. The rich and privileged have the advantage, and the poor and working class constantly struggle to survive, while our elected representatives, who are charlatans at best, turn a deaf ear. Their political stature has blinded them and made them deaf to the will of everyday Americans.

We petition, we hold rallies and town meetings, we protest in the streets, and still nothing changes. At what point do we arrive at the realization that our government no longer cares what we want? At what cost, will the Will of the People finally be heard?

The forefathers of this great nations who fought for freedom and justice, and against tyranny by forces of the King were labeled traitors. If We the People attempt the same, if we the people yet again rise up to take a stand against the tyranny and the oligarchy, we too will be labeled traitors and subversives by our government. WE ARE NEITHER, but our government refuses to take us seriously, and will eventually force our hand to stand up, and die if we must, for our beliefs, and for the preservation of this great republic for which many have given their lives to preserve. Those elected officials who are deaf and blind to the will of the people, think they are safe in their congress of tyranny on the hill. THEY ARE NOT!

John F. Kennedy, perhaps one of our greatest presidents said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

I am loath to say; “Should our pursuit of those ideals set forth in our Constitution yet again require a revolution to achieve them, the blood spilled by our patriots in our next war against tyranny, will not refresh the tree of liberty, it will drown it!

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