Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren

Dear Senator Warren,

It is my firm belief that Americans are tired of the status quo! We are tired of party heads shoving down our throats bought and paid for candidates whose agendas are to maintain the status quo, and who continue to support the corporate kleptocracy that is Wall Street, all while trying to convince the American people they are on our side. We are not as stupid as some would have them believe.

While many of us LIKE Hillary Clinton, and believe that there was a time she was a viable candidate for the office of the Presidency...that time has passed. The unfortunate, or fortunate realities of "politics" now indicate to many that she is not the best Democratic candidate. Her stances on international issues as well as her stance on financial issues, when examined lead us to believe she will in fact be another status quo candidate. And while MANY believe she got a raw deal relative to her tenure as Secretary of State, the picture is clear. She will be damaged by the unrelenting pounding from the right, and we believe it will be a distraction of such a magnitude, that most of her time will be spend on defending her past.

The sad commentary that most of us realize relative to elections in America is that elections are no longer a matter of electing the right person for the job, but rather to elect the lesser of two evils...and yes...it IS a sad commentary on America. You on the other hand, break that cycle. It was apparent to many that you really ARE on the side of the middle class...and not just another status quo politician.

We want someone who is not afraid to stand up for the common American. Someone who will fight for us...and frankly...You Ms Warren, are who many of us Americans feel is that person. I understand that as a member of the Senate, you are fighting for the people you represent and that is a good thing. However, there is a bigger picture. Your country, the entire country not just your state needs you! We believe that YOU will be the one to right the course of this country that has been lost and adrift on the perilous seas of democracy. We believe it is YOU who will be instrumental in saving us from the treachery of pirates and blaggards disguised as patriots. Many of us feel we need YOU to fight for America...ALL of America!

It is therefore my wish, and the wish of MILLIONS of other Americans that you reconsider and run for the Office of President of the United States.Thank you for your time.

George Legeros

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