Friday, February 15, 2013

America's Last Chance...DON'T BLOW IT!

The right wing agenda has been set. THEY WANT the sequester to kick in. They KNOW this will destroy this country and the only ones who will be able to survive the economic downturn are the rich elitists.
I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but IT HAS HAPPENED! The right wing elected officials have implemented what can be seen as the textbook definition of a subversive agenda:

A systematic attempt to overthrow OR UNDERMINE a government or political system by persons working from within; also the crime of committing acts in furtherance of such an attempt.
The right wing is hell bent on overthrowing this representative democracy and allowing the elitist millionaires to proliferate their oligarchy. So I ask you...Where are our patriots?...Where is the outrage?....Have the citizens of this great nation been made so blind by the quest for an unattainable American dream? A dream that can ONLY come true if you're a millionaire! A dream MADE UNATTAINABLE by legislation enacted by corrupt politicians who seek to keep the poor and middle class sheep poor and weak and the elitist rich in power!

The table has been set by the right wing, to allow the sequester to kick in and destroy ANY gains made in the last 4 years, making their publicly stated political manifesto of blocking our Presidents policies by any and all means, and at any and all costs, thereby destroying any chance of the viability and survivability of the middle class.

This will I'm afraid, become the new SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD!

It is a sad state of affairs that the American poor and middle class must be in a near death situation before they're able to wake up from their delusion of having a government of, by, and for the people. Americans should be preparing to sacrifice their own lives to save this once great nation if they are to survive. America's greatest enemy isn't in some foreign land waiting to invade our shores. NO...Our greatest enemy is subversion, and the perpetrators are our so called elected officials who refuse to do the will of the people, the people who elected them to office!

Citizens...if you're not prepared to fight for your fight for your fight for your your way of life RIGHT HERE AT HOME...IN THESE UNITED STATES...If you're not prepared to give your life for your country and your fellow citizens, then this IS NOT your country and you don't belong here! We need to take back this nation from the robber barons and their inept and corrupt congressional minions...This is your last chance America....DON'T BLOW IT!

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