Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Criticism Does Not Equal Collusion!

Members of the Obama Staff have recently commented negatively on some of us more vocal on the left. They intimated that our criticism of the President was tantamount to collusion with the right, to bring down his presidency. I take GREAT issue with that statement!

If pointing out  that hashed over rhetoric and flowery speeches with ZERO substance is bringing down the president then perhaps he should change his speeches to something containing ACTUAL solutions instead of flowery platitudes, and the same old sound bytes we've been hearing for months. People are hurting in America. Many have neither hope nor see any future for themselves. The time for words is OVER Mr. President!. It’s time for REAL and MEANINGFUL ACTION!

I voted for Obama and considered myself one of his staunchest supporters. However,  I'm VERY disappointed in what has transpired. A lot of which can be attributed to the neocon, obstructionist right and tea baggers, but a LOT is his own fault. His tendency to cave, capitulate, compromise on ANYTHING he perceives might involve having to make a stand and fight for what he believes (or says he believes)...instead, he delegates any "fighting" to subordinates.

If he is not willing to make a stand,  and to fight for issues HE KNOWS is in the best interests of those hurting in America, what makes him or ANYONE think others will want to fight when their perception is their own President doesn't have the stones to do it himself?

- Extended bush tax cuts for the rich
- Extended wars
- No wall street accountability
- Feet draging on gay and lesbian issues (DADT)

- Feet draging on Elizabeth Warren (one of the best things to happen for America in a long time!)
- ZERO passages of any laws regulating the wall street thievery
- No indictments in the biggest ponzi scheme/theft/economic terrorism in the history of the world in which credit agencies in collusion with wall street issued fraudulent credit ratings for nefarious "monetary instruments"/credit default other words...worthless junk!
- Not realizing that the health care system in the US was broken beyond repair...and then signing a health care gift for insurance companies under the guise of health care reform instead of instituting SINGLE PAYER/MEDICARE for all...which is THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THE CURRENT US HEALTH CARE DEBACLE

The list unfortunately goes on and YES...someone HAS to point out his shortcomings or at least what we perceive are his shortcomings....

AND....while I would sooner put my hand down a running garbage disposal than to EVER vote republican or tea bagger....I find it very difficult to think about voting him to another term as President...Actions speak much louder than words Mr. President!

This has been a public service announcement.

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