Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red 1 Blue 0

It saddens me to report to those of you who have not yet heard...Countdown with Keith Olbermann is no more...
Last night Keith Olbermann abruptly and surprisingly announced that it would be his final show...even as the network continued to advertise Keith and his show hours after it was over. It was no secret that Keith was a champion of truth...and an advocate for the left, particularly the less fortunate of main street. He was a shining light at the front of the battle between the right wingnut, rethuglican neocon, tea baggers and the left, liberals, or commonly referred to as "We the people of Main Street"

He will be sorely missed, for he was a commanding and formidable force against the rightwing lies perpetrated by right wing media, the flush limpdogs, bill oreallys, and shun handilys of the world. Speculation has it that his exit from MSN-BS was instigated by the merger of comcast and nbc....I'm guessing that even Stevie Wonder saw it coming...

I hope Mr. Olbermann ends up landing on his feet (I'm sure he will) but it is my greatest hope that he will continue to aid in getting the truth to the American People! Last night, a True American Patriot was felled by the rightwingnut is my hope and the hope of millions of his followers that he returns to the airwaves to continue the never ending battle of "Truth, Justice, and the America Way!

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