Sunday, May 15, 2016

Who Carries the Torch of Obama's Legacy?

I had an interesting discussion about the "Obama coalition". Apparently some Democrats think there were no Sanders supporters in that coalition, or that somehow someone was "abandoned" or needed distance from his coalition. They are wrong. Obama's "coalition" consisted of people who had the hope that change could happen with unity. They were right. But what happened along the way perhaps disappointed many. Yes, we had our few successes as well, sadly, less than we'd hoped for. The blatant obstruction of partisan politics had it's toll on our country and our dreams. Race, economy, gender, things one would have thought were non issues apparently were not. The relentless wars against terrorism and injustice we are engaged in around the world continue while soldiers and civilians alike die only to be remembered by family and friends. And finally, little has been done to quell the spread of economic inequality in our homeland.
Obama was the right guy at the right time. That discussion is closed. But today is a different time. We've seen the mistakes that were made. We've seen the undeniable influence money has on politics maintaining the "status quo" to the benefit of the few rather than the many. This was not what the "Obama coalition" had in mind or bargained for.
We simply can not allow our elections to be shams and laughing stocks of the world and a free people. We can not continue on our current path to pseudo-fascism. Our compass isn't working anymore, and we require a new direction. One so important, so apprehensive, and one that can ill afford to be wrong.
If it becomes a discussion about parties, they're both wrong. If it's about the right person for the job, the choice is clear. The TRUE Obama legacy of hope and change is alive and well, and that torch is carried ONLY by only one presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

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